The Netherlands: wild cats are back

Wild catFrom Dutch AgriMedia:

After many centuries of absence, wild cats are certainly back in The Netherlands.

Recent research proves that from 1999 to 2004, a wild cat was found in The Netherlands three times. Mammal study society VZZ states this.

In 1999, a male was found in Nijmegen; and, in 2002, a female in Vaals.

Both animals were dead.

In Heeze in Noord-Brabant province, in 2004 a male was caught.

This wild cat turned to have been misidentified as a young domestic cat in 2003.

It was taken along from the Vosges mountains in France to The Netherlands, where it ran away from home after about half a year.

After being caught in 2004, the animal was released again.

The two cats found dead, according to VZZ, were also probably not born in The Netherlands; however, they did go to The Netherlands on their own.

In the Eifel in Germany, there is a wild cat population, which grew extensively since 1991.

In the northern part of the Eifel, 200 to 250 animals are supposed to live now.

The northern border of this area is less than 20 kilometer south east of Vaals.

6 thoughts on “The Netherlands: wild cats are back

  1. I would like to know the name of this cat? is there any way you can email me some info. about his cat i would really appreciate thanks


  2. I think I saw this wild cat this morning in Pennsylvania, USA! If that is not possible, please help me figure out what it could have been


  3. Re #4: hi Laura,the wild cat, Felis silvestris, does not live in North America.

    So, you probably saw a (feral?) domestic cat.

    Or maybe you saw a bobcat, which occurs in Pennsylvania.

    See here for the bobcat and other wild cats of North America.


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