USA: Montana: which fish do anglers catch?

Black crappie

From Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks:

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks have implemented a fishing creel survey at Tongue River Reservoir, which began May 1, 2006 and will end by April 30, 2007.

FWP is attempting to discover how many and what kinds of fish are caught by anglers over the course of the year.

The effort is to determine angling pressure and if the current harvest regulations are in tune with the fish populations in the reservoir.

The survey results will be computed on a monthly basis and regional biologists will write a final report.

The survey results for May are completed and indicate that 36,000 crappie were caught and of that, nearly 20,000 were harvested.

The second greatest number of fish caught was bullheads and most were not kept. The reservoir has a very healthy bullhead population.

Small mouth bass were third at 1,290 caught.

Walleye harvest was 181 fish of which anglers harvested 85.

Northern Pike showed 95 caught and 43 were harvested for table fare.

A total of 40,698 fish were caught in May of which 88% were crappie.

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