USA: Bush’s domestic and international spying scandal: finances

This video from the USA is called Why President Bush wants to continue spying on you.

By Patrick Martin:

Bush, Cheney threaten New York Times over exposure of surveillance programs

28 June 2006

In a brazen effort to intimidate the media and halt any further exposures of illegal US government spying, President Bush, Vice President Cheney and several Republican congressional leaders have denounced the New York Times and suggested that the newspaper could face criminal charges for its report on US government surveillance of international financial transactions.

The Times reported June 21 on its web site and then in its June 22 print edition that the Department of the Treasury had secretly accumulated an enormous database on international financial transactions by obtaining access to the records of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications, a Belgium-based clearinghouse for major banks and other financial institutions.

Similar reports were published by the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal June 22, and then more generally throughout the US media.

Bush used a pro-war photo-op at the White House Monday to attack the media reports …

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An earlier post, from 8 May 2006, from the Google cache of my ModBlog: By Patrick Martin:

Sudden resignation of CIA Director Goss: Another tremor in Bush administration

8 May 2006

The resignation of CIA Director Porter Goss, announced abruptly by the White House on Friday, is another demonstration of the instability and vicious infighting within the Bush administration.

Goss ends a relatively brief 18-month tenure at the agency, a period during which he conducted a political purge in which at least a dozen top CIA officials were driven out.

The Goss resignation is the outcome of a protracted and murky conflict within the military-intelligence apparatus, involving John Negroponte, Bush’s choice as the first Director of National Intelligence, the military intelligence apparatus—headed by Stephen Cambone, the most trusted deputy of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld —and multiple factions within the CIA itself.

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4 thoughts on “USA: Bush’s domestic and international spying scandal: finances

  1. *A Secret the Terrorists Already Knew*
    Posted by: “hapi22” robinsegg
    Date: Fri Jun 30, 2006 10:58 am (PDT)

    Using the international banks to monitor the financial transactions of
    the terrorists IS NO SECRET.

    It is on the White House’s own website.

    Here …

    “Executive Order on Terrorist Financing” [issued by Bush on September
    24, 2001] at:

    “Fact Sheet on Terrorist Financing Executive Order” [September 24, 2001]

    The only thing that MAY be a secret is that Bush and his gang are using
    this monitoring of terrorists’ financial traffic to ALSO monitor
    international (and, probably, domestic) bank transactions of ALL

    The reason?

    To collect information about “hostile” reporters, political opponents
    and any activists who do not approve of Bush’s policies.

    Bush and Cheney been making a huge fuss about the press’s revelation
    that the United States and the international banking community have been
    monitoring, tracking and blocking the international financial activities
    of terrorists.


    The information is on the White House webpage, for gosh sakes, and has
    been public knowledge for five years. Did Bush and Cheney think the
    terrorists couldn’t read?.

    The Bush-Cheney cries of outrage are nothing more than the Republican
    “noise machine” trying to rev up the Republican “base.”

    Threatening The New York Times is RED MEAT for Bush’s mentally
    defective, rightwing “base.”


    *A Secret the Terrorists Already Knew*

    The New York Times
    June 30, 2006


    – – – – – – – – – – – – – — –
    Richard A. Clarke and Roger W. Cressey, counterterrorism officials on
    the National Security Council under Presidents Bill Clinton and George
    W. Bush, are security consultants.

    Read this at:


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