Europe: fighting for survival of aquatic warbler

This is a video of a singing aquatic warbler at Nagyivan, Hortobagyi National Park, Hungary. See also this video.

From BirdLife:

Summit for Europe’s rarest songbird


Nations from across Europe and Africa have come together this week in the Lower Oder Valley National Park near Berlin in Germany, under the auspices of a United Nations Memorandum of Understanding, to discuss the future of mainland Europe’s rarest songbird, the Aquatic Warbler.

The current world breeding population of the Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola has plummeted, since the beginning of the last century, by 95 per cent to only 16,000 males in just seven countries.

The species nests in the fen mires and wet meadows of eastern central Europe and migrates more than 5,000 kilometres to Africa for the winter.

4 thoughts on “Europe: fighting for survival of aquatic warbler

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