Spain: anti fascist film first shown after seventy years

From Dutch news agency ANP:

BARCELONA/LONDON – Spanish television viewers on Monday night have been able for the first time ever to see the documentary film The Spanish Earth by the Dutch film maker Joris Ivens.

The film, with English narration by Ernest Hemingway [see also here; and here], contains images, never seen in Spain itself before, of the bloody civil war (1936-1939), British paper The Times wrote on Tuesday.

The film is about the fight between the rebels, led by General Francisco Franco and the republican government troops near Madrid in 1937.

The showing of the film now is because of the coming seventieth anniversary of the beginning of the war.

More on Hemingway and the Spanish Civil War: here.

David Walsh on films and politics: here.

6 thoughts on “Spain: anti fascist film first shown after seventy years

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