Italy: son of last king arrested in corruption and prostitution scandal

Prince Vittorio EmanueleFrom Italian news agency ANSA:

Prince placed under house arrest

Vittorio Emanuele agreed to cooperate in corruption probe

Potenza, June 23 – Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, jailed in connection with a prostitution and corruption probe, was placed under house arrest on Friday after giving prosecutors a partial confession.

The prince, the son of Italy’s last king, was arrested a week ago together with 12 other suspects in a probe led by Potenza prosecutors.

Vittorio Emanuele is accused of recruiting prostitutes from Eastern Europe for a casino in Campione d’Italia, an Italian enclave in Switzerland.

He is also accused of corruption in connection with the obtaining of licences and supply contracts for rigged gambling machines procured by Sicilian businessman Rocco Migliardi.

Migliardi was also placed under house arrest.

The name of this businessman means, ironically, ‘billions’.

Prosecutors also suspect him of links with Mafia clans. …

Six other suspects were placed under house arrest, including Migliardi’s two sons and Salvatore Sottile, the spokesman of former foreign minister Gianfranco Fini who heads the rightist National Alliance (AN) party.

That party is the successor of dictator Mussolini’s Fascist Party.

Until now ex prime minister Berlusconi’s recent election defeat, it was part of his Rightist coalition.

The Italian royal family cooperated with Mussolini for two decades.

However, they had a conflict as the Allied armies invaded Italy in 1943, and the king wanted to cut his losses.

After the monarchy was abolished, there was rapprochement again with the hardline fascists supporters of Mussolini’s “Italian Social Republic” of Salò (1943-1945).

Fini’s spokesman Sottile is accused of acting as an intermediary in the business but he is also suspected of helping aspiring showgirls find jobs at state broadcaster RAI in return for sex.

Prosecutors say the Sicilian spokesman used rooms at the Foreign Ministry and the premier’s office for his assignations with the women.

The allegations and published transcripts of taped conversations involving Sottile have sparked an internal investigation at RAI.

Former Bulgarian prime minister and ex-child king Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who is Vittorio Emanuele’s cousin, is also involved in the investigation while the prince’s son, Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, is suspected of illegally shutting down an Internet site that was critical of his family. …

Italy’s former royal family was banished in 1946 following a national referendum introducing the Republic, their name tainted by the links of Emanuele’s grandfather, Vittorio Emanuele III, with Fascism.

Prince Vittorio Emanuele was nine years old when his father King Umberto II and mother Maria Jose’ went into exile in Portugal.

The male members of the Savoy family were subsequently banned from entering Italy by the 1948 Constitution.

But in November 2002, the Italian parliament lifted the ban.

Although the Savoy family now regularly visit Italy, Prince Vittorio Emanuele has maintained his Swiss residency while his son lives in Paris.

The prince’s popularity in Italy has fluctuated. His long campaign to get the Savoy ban lifted was damaged by his trial and eventual acquittal on manslaughter charges in the 1978 death of a young German tourist killed by a hunting gun following a quarrel at a Corsican marina.

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