Britain: Tony Blair’s cash for peerage scandal

Tony Blair and Iraq war, cartoon

On one of Tony Blair‘s scandals, from BlairWatch (Britain).

This one is about Blair elevating crooked business cronies, eg ,’ John Shithead’, into ‘Sir John Shithead’, or, for more cash, into ‘Lord Shithead of Dungpile’:

The Evening Standard reports tonight that a Labour donor has spent fifty grand on legal advice before being interviewed by Inspector Knacker about cash for peerages.

But more interestingly they say three more key witnesses have refused to co-operate with the police inquiry. Who are they?

What have they hide?

This all suggests great dangers ahead for the Dear Leader.

Which is why I still believe he may be gone by the end of the year.

BlairWatch continues:

Following the advice in the comments, I searched the Evening Standard website to no avail – but the ‘Sponsored Links’ bit of the results page when you search for “peerage” is priceless:

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Blair’s ex minister Jack Straw, money, and scandals: here.

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