USA: Bush administration and public relations: cartoon

USA: Bush, Iraq war, Guantanamo, and other scandals; cartoon

From Mikhaela’s news blog:

Milly Jones: America-Hating PR Representative: Inspired by some Bush admin spokes-idiot who called three suicides at Guantanamo Bay “a good PR move” or some such total awful nonsense.

Bush supporter Ralph Reed‘s casino scandal: here.

Mark Fiore animation on Ralph Reed here.

3 thoughts on “USA: Bush administration and public relations: cartoon

  1. *Cheney Tries to Whitewash Warnings About Iraqi Insurgency*
    Posted by: “hapi22” robinsegg
    Date: Tue Jun 20, 2006 9:09 am (PDT)

    In how many ways and how many times can I say Cheney is a LIAR?

    The Bushites were told over and over before they invaded Iraq that the
    unintended result could (and most likely would) be, at the very least,
    an insurgency and even more worrisome, a civil war.

    So, Cheney is out on the trail again, LYING to the Republican “base,:”
    which has to be the most ignorant political “base” in American history.

    Condoleezza Rice has been caught spinning the same fable .. you can tell
    who the really stupid Americans are — they drink the Kool-Aid and
    swallow Rice’s and Cheney’s lies.


    *Cheney Tries to Whitewash Warnings About Iraqi Insurgency*

    June 19, 2006


    Read this at:


    *Cheney now says he didn’t anticipate the insurgency’s strength*

    Crooks and Liars
    June 20, 2006


    Read this and see the video at:

    Video-WMP Video-QT


  2. The war in iraq just is pointless and does not make sense. our people are getting killed because of bush and cheney and i dont like it at all. I know someone that is in the war and just got laid off because he cant walk anymore.


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