Welsh survivor of 7/7 London bombs blasts Tony Blair

Bush and Blair, cartoonFrom Wales on Sunday:

Jun 18 2006

Marc Baker

JULY 7/7 bomb victim John Tulloch has accused Tony Blair of putting British democracy at risk by using strong-armed police tactics to smoke out terror suspects.

The South Wales professor delivered a damning criticism of the Prime Minister just days after the Metropolitan Police was slammed for the arrests of brothers Abul Koyair and Mohammed Abdul Kahar, who was shot in the chest.

The pair made headlines after they held an emotional press conference to describe how 250 armed police stormed their London home.

The brothers had been held under the Terrorism Act 2000, but were released without charge after police failed to find any trace of a suspected chemical bomb.

Last night, following the release of his book One Day in July: Experiencing 7/7, Professor Tulloch said Mr Blair’s ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to tackling terror was putting British democracy at risk.

The academic, who lives in Penarth, near Cardiff, was sitting opposite suicide bomber Mohammed Sidique Khan when he detonated his bomb on a London Underground train at Edgware Road tube station.

From the Google cache of Dear Kitty ModBlog:

7/12/05 at 9:15PM

Playing: War, by Edwin Starr

London bombing

‘This is about Iraq, Mr Blair’ — father of soldier killed in Iraq speaks out

Peter Brierley, who lost his son Shaun in Iraq in 2003, spoke to Socialist Worker after addressing a 1,000-strong vigil organised by the Stop the War Coalition on the Saturday after the London bombings:

“I really empathise with the victims and their families. Their suffering affects me as much as the loss of my own son.

The same is true of people suffering in Iraq.

“The London bombing has nothing to do with Muslims hating non-Muslims.

But I do have to tell Mr Blair that it is to do with the hatred stoked up by the illegal Iraq war.

“Withdrawing our troops from Iraq won’t get rid of terrorism overnight.

But it will make it less likely, and I now believe it is the right thing to do to start making the world safer.

“When my son was killed I believed the war was right.

But from what we have learnt since I know it was wrong.

“What was a personal tragedy for me and my family has become part of a greater tragedy that now includes the bombings in London and the daily bombings in Iraq.

“I work in the bus industry and I’d call on everyone to be vigilant.

I hope those responsible are caught quickly.

“But our best defence is the multiethnic nature of Britain standing together for peace and for a drastic change in foreign policy.”

Join the Vigil for Peace, at 2pm, Sunday 17 July, Russell Square, London. Called by the Stop the War Coalition.

Also from Dear Kitty Modblog:

7/12/05 at 7:40PM

According to London daily The Times:

July 12, 2005

Asian man dies in suspected racist attack in Nottingham

By Jenny Booth, Times Online

Muslim leaders appealed for calm today after an Asian man was killed in an apparent racist attack as he left a corner shop.

Islamic groups fear the assault on Kamal Raza Butt in Nottingham was part of a backlash following the terrorist atrocities last week.

Possibly, nazi scum in Nottingham try to profit from anti Islamic hysteria.

More from The Times on the London bombings:

They [police] also believe that the materials used were not home made but sophisticated military explosives, possibly smuggled into Britain from the Balkans.

The same was said, as this blog [then still on ModBlog which no longer exists] noted, on the 2004 bombings in Madrid.

As pointed out then, one possible clue to finding out about these bombings is to look at a:

not extremely representative special kind of Muslim: Muslims with close ties to the CIA and similar Western agencies.

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