Iraq war: 2,500th US military death, and counting

This video from Britain says about itself:

November 2003 – Demonstration against George W Bush state visit to London following the invasion of Iraq.


A grim milestone in the Iraq war: 2,500th US military death

By the Editorial Board

17 June 2006

The death of a US marine Thursday brought to 2,500 the number of American military personnel killed in the war in Iraq.

The Pentagon will release the marine’s name—along with those of two other American servicemen or women who died that day—24 hours after notification of his family.

In a tragic scene that has been replayed over and over again since March 2003, three more families will receive the devastating news that their loved ones have been killed.

This grim milestone of troop deaths is a telling indictment of the criminal character of the US war and occupation of Iraq.

In addition to the 2,500 killed, according to Pentagon figures, another 18,490 US troops have been wounded—suffering loss of limbs, brain injuries and other permanent disabilities.

Thousands more face severe psychological trauma; innumerable families have been or will be shattered. …

And the death toll of US soldiers continues to rise with no end in sight; 320 have been killed so far this year alone.

The rate of Iraqi casualties has steadily increased.

The Iraqi Body Count project (IBC), which, if anything, underestimates civilian casualties, calculates that on average 36 Iraqis a day have met violent deaths in the third year of the war, up from 31 a day in the second year and 20 a day in the first.

Studies put the total Iraqi civilian death toll in the war at more than 100,000.See also here.

4 thoughts on “Iraq war: 2,500th US military death, and counting

  1. this war was needed and if you used any of your information to tell how it has helped, atleast it would be supporting the troops that are still there. you call yourself an american..


  2. Hi “dillon”, I note that you do not give any reason why the Iraq war is supposedly “needed”, except for the profits of Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and other war profiteers. It was based on lies by the Bush administration on non existent WMD, and a non existent Iraq-9/11 link. Remember Bush in the 2000 election campaign, promising “a more humble foreign policy” and what a lie that has turned out to be?

    One should support the troops by bringing them home now. The ones that should doubt whether they should be called “american” are people like you, as the majority of people in the USA opposes the Iraq war.


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