World cup soccer in Germany and big business

Today, the first two matches in the football World Cup in Germany.

Article, by Steve Jones:

The World Cup – Who’s Cashing In?

Friday, 09 June 2006

When any new country comes into existence, they always have two immediate ambitions: to become members of the UN and to affiliate to football’s governing body FIFA – and not always in that order!

Football remains the dominant global game, played by millions and watched by billions.

As a source of revenue it far surpasses any other sports-related source of income, a fact not unnoticed by the major sports companies.

Global firms such as Nike, Puma, Adidas and the rest produce stuff that costs them pennies to make and then sell them worldwide at a massive mark-up.

No wonder they call football the beautiful game.

The last few decades have seen a staggering advance in the commercialisation of football as capitalism has rushed – with the willing compliance of football’s authorities – to fulfil the massive potential for profits.

TV companies, taking advantage of the huge expansion in channels made possible by satellite technology, have bought up the rights to show games left, right and centre.

In return for their millions, football has made these games available at times and places to suit TV requirements, irrespective of the wishes of individual fans.

Supporters have therefore found their seasons being shaped by the whims of TV programming schedulers.

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