USA: Bush’s war on gays, to deflect attention from Iraq

US justifying killing civilians in Iraq, cartoon by Steve Bell

In the United States, George W Bush has declared war on gay people.

See also on this at Daily Kos.

And at Barbara Ehrenreich’s blog; see on her here.

And this Mark Fiore animation.

Many observers say, to deflect attention from the Iraq war.

And maybe, if wars in Iraq and against gays are not enough for Bush, he may start a war in Iran.

Or against …

See also here.

Homosexual animals: here.

Bush and Iraq war, cartoon

3 thoughts on “USA: Bush’s war on gays, to deflect attention from Iraq

  1. Mon Jun 5, 2006 7:58 am (PDT)
    From: “hapi22”
    Subject: *George W. Bush, “man of principle”*

    In the lead-up to the 2004 presidential election, Bush made much of his
    support for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. The
    Christian Right trotted out to the polls in historic numbers to vote, in
    12 states, against gay marriage and support the amendment and Bush.

    As soon as Bush was safely installed in his second term, he announced —
    in spite of all his campaign promises — that he would NOT be pushing
    for that constitutional amendment “because it wouldn’t pass anyway”!!

    The “religious” extremists gasped and groaned … they had believed the
    little liar.

    But, it seems Bush subscribes to the theory that if he could fool the
    fools once, he could do it again … and, so, has trotted out his pledge
    — one more time — to stop gays from marring. This time, Bush promises,
    he really, really, really will seek a constitutional amendment banning
    gay marriage.

    And the fools will believe Bush One More Time in spite of all evidence
    that Bush is playing them all for fools and smirking at their
    gullibility behind their backs.

    I don’t care whether you do or don’t support gay marriage, you have to
    be sickened at Bush’s disdain for the truth and for the American public
    that still trusts him (small in numbers tho they may be)..

    The “religious” freaks’ knee-jerk, obedient responses to Bush’s lies and
    deceptions remind one of Pavlov’s dogs — except the dogs had more


    *George W. Bush, “man of principle”*

    by Tim Grieve
    June 5, 2006


    Read this WITH LINKS at:

    NEWSWEEK article at:


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