Fernando Botero Abu Ghraib exhibition in The Hague: more

This video from the USA is called Fernando Botero’s “Abu Ghraib” – A Conversation with the Artist.

This video is called US exhibit Botero’s Abu Ghraib art.

More on the Fernando Botero Abu Ghraib exhibition in The Hague, again translated from Dutch press agency ANP:

THE HAGUE – Ten [eleven, a later report says] Abu Ghraib drawings by the world-famous artist Fernando Botero Angulo, briefly: Botero, are in museum Escher in the Royal Palace in The Hague this spring.

The photos and news items on the abuse in the Abu Ghraib prison also shocked Botero deeply, museum organizer John Sillevis says.

,,Ever since the first press publications, the Colombian is working on this.

This is a series on which he still continues to work; the images continuing to haunt throughout his head.”

Botero also in these drawings uses the round forms, characteristic for him, Sillevis says.

The drawings are not copies of the photographs which were such a painful surprise to the world.

However, according to Sillevis they are still immediately recognizable as inspired by them.

,,You see the humiliations, people with bags over their heads, nearly naked men with ladies’ underwear on.”

Sillevis says that Botero in those drawings basically carries on from his work inspired by unjust situations on his own continent, South America.

”However, Abu Ghraib really caused something to snap inside him.”


The drawings are part of a collection of fifty, which will be open to the public from 1 June up to 27 August.

In the summer there will also be twelve sculptures by Botero on the Lange Voorhout, next to the museum.

There, they are part of the annual open air exhibition Den Haag Sculptuur.

The 2003 exhibition by Botero in the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague was a big financial success, with almost continually queues of visitors waiting at the entrance.

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