USA, biggest polacanthid dinosaur found

Polacanthus dinosaur

From KSL (in the USA):

Heaviest Dinosaur Discovered in Utah

May 29th, 2006

Ed Yeates Reporting

Utah bone diggers have uncovered what could be the largest and heaviest armored dinosaur on the planet.

The dino appears to be a new species and has yet to be named.

Take the three foot forearm of an armored dinosaur and stretch it out to six feet.

Pull it from head to tail so its’ longer, up to twenty five feet.

Pack it with full armor and spikes, even over the hips; now you’ve got a Polacanthid weighing five tons.

Dr. Reese Barrick, Director/Curator, CEU Prehistoric Museum: “It will be the largest, heaviest armored dinosaur found on the planet so far.”

College of Eastern Utah paleontologists found it right here in Utah, which seems to be unraveling more graves of armored dinos than anywhere in the world.

This new discovery is three times the size and weight of an armored dinosaur called gastonia.

Utahraptor, as portrayed in Jurassic Park, wouldn’t have been able to get its teeth anywhere in the armor.

And if it tried to pry open the tightly fused seams? Bye Bye claws!

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