Buzzard and shelduck and house martin

This is a video of a house martin colony in Sevilla, Spain.

Today, a walk from the Hofpolder in Vlietland to bird reserve Starrevaart.

A chiffchaff singing.

The first duck of the day in a canal.

A mallard, the most common species?

No, it is a gadwall.

A buzzard circling overhead.

Two Egyptian geese on the lake bank.

We come to the Meeslouwerpolder, the most beautiful area for birds before a sand corporation made the lake too deep.

The birds then got compensation in Starrevaart, more to the south.

A cuckoo calls. A shelduck flies past.

When we arrive at Starrevaart, over a hundred swifts fly over the shallow lake, accompanied by a few score of house martins, often flying a bit lower, closer to the windy waves of the lake.

It made them look a bit like petrels.

From the hide: two common gulls, tufted ducks, common terns. Black-headed gulls nesting on an island.

On the way back, in the Meeslouwerpolder: barn swallows flying, and a cuckoo calling.

In the Hofpolder, two male pheasants.

And a red admiral butterfly.

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