Buzzard, shelduck, and blackcap

European blackcap, female

Today, an adult white stork on the nest.

Probably protecting the young from the rainy weather.

On the meadow of the stork nest, an old farmer’s cart.

Today, a buzzard rests on it.

In the castle pond in the nature reserve, the first water lily flowers.

A carp swimming.

In the eaatern meadow, a shelduck on the opposite side of the river, much closer than usually.

Later, a group of four shelduck.

Oystercatchers, northern lapwings.

As I go home, a reed warbler singing.

And, on a barbed wire fence, sits a female European blackcap.

These females look more like “orangecaps” (see picture).

Usually they are less conspicuous than males which sing from tops of bushes.

Blackcaps and cuckoos: here.

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