Tonight: music, visual arts, and a poem in the theatre

Muses, by Raphael

Tonight, the last night of music and poetry before the summer holiday break was planned at the theatre.

However, the announced “noise poetry” was unable to come as announced.

So, the night began with music, by the Filosofenoctet: supposedly eight, but really nine or ten, philosophers from Amsterdam with instruments and vocals.

Tonight, most of their songs were by Kurt Weill (some with lyrics by Bertolt Brecht), like Mack the Knife (in German), and the Alabama song.

Then, explanation by Henk Scheerder, and a documentary film by his son Jan Scheerder, on two visual artists.

They are Marc de Bruyn and Gerrie van Baren, shown at work, for instance in the botanical gardens.

After a pause, I read my work, including a poem on a dorcas gazelle; see also here.

Finally, the singer Roos Harmsen, a student of English language.

Poetry in North East England: here.

2 thoughts on “Tonight: music, visual arts, and a poem in the theatre

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