USA: Iraqi woman speaks out against war

This video says about itself:

Iraq: The Women’s Story

Channel Four Dispatches on the plight of ordinary women in Iraq, three years after the American occupation. March 2006.

A video which used to be on the Internet was called Iraq: The Women’s Story. It used to say about itself:

A woman from Iraq speaks out against US war and occupation.

She is Ms Eman Ahmad Khamas, a journalist and human rights activist.

In this video of her speech in Portland, USA, she describes some of the horrific events of the war. This is not CNN.

This video says about itself:

Ms. Eman Ahmed Khamas: Please, people of America…

5 March 2007

One year ago, on the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq war, Ms. Khamas cried out to the American people to stop the United States’ genocide of the Iraqi people.

Iraq war veterans: here.

Iraq war and oil: see here.

4 thoughts on “USA: Iraqi woman speaks out against war

  1. hapi22″
    Date: Mon May 22, 2006 0:08pm(PDT)
    Subject: *Bush Relatives Keep Cashing In With Military Contracts*

    How rich is the Bush family getting from Bush’s war-mongering?

    You simply HAVE to read this.

    But take your blood pressure medicine first.

    Win or lose the war, the Bush family WINS — Big Time, monetarily
    speaking. (Their souls are another matter.)


    Profiteering at the Top

    *Bush Relatives Keep Cashing In With Military Contracts*

    by Margie Burns
    The Washington Spectator
    May 15, 2006


    Read this (with paid subscription only) at:

    A subscription to this excellent weekly newsletter is only $15 a year,
    and only $10 if you can arrange to have it given to you as a gift.

    [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]


    Message 4
    From: “Charles Jenks”
    Date: Mon May 22, 2006 3:39pm(PDT)
    Subject: Don’t Attack Iran petition delivered to White House – video, audio a

    On May 18th, hundreds rallied against war in Lafayette Park in front of the White House, and a large delegation led by Cindy Sheehan delivered the Don’t Attack Iran petition, with over 42,000 signatures, to the White House. Administration officials would not take the petition from the delegation, so the delegation left the petition at the gate.

    Watch videos of this historic event, including the dramatic delivery of the petition to the White House, download mp3 audio of the rally and see the 75 photograph album of the rally and petition delivery at

    Holly Near (with Pat Humprhies and Sanda Opatow accompanying), Cindy Sheehan, Rev. Lennox Yearwood (Hip Hop Caucus), Ray McGovern (former CIA official), Medea Benjamin with a CODE PINK contingent, and David Swanson (AfterDowingStreet) appear in distinct videos. The rally audio is available for download at the above link.

    More multimedia reports, including Traprock’s coverage, are available at

    The Joint Rally was organized by the Network of Spiritual Progressives ( and the Don’t Attack Iran ( campaign, and facilitated by Rabbi Michael Lerner. The rally was followed by delivery of the petition (still accepting signatures) telling President Bush to not attack Iran.

    Many organizations supported the Don’t Attack Iran petition, including in chronological order: Gold Star Families for Peace, CODE PINK, Progressive Democrats of America,, Traprock Peace Center, Global Exchange, Velvet Revolution, Democracy Rising, OpEdNews, Backbone Campaign, Consumers For Peace [ExxonMobil War Boycott], Campus Antiwar Network, The Young Turks, Citizens for Legitimate Government, Counter Punch, United for Peace and Justice, Stop the War Coalition, This Can’t Be Happening, Voters Evolt, Springs Action Alliance, Radio News America, OrbStandard, International Socialist Organization, Voters for Peace. See the full list of supporters at

    Following the rally and delivery of the petition to the White House, Ray McGovern, U.S. Army veteran and retired 27-year CIA analyst, led a march through downtown Washington, D.C., to the home of Donald Rumsfeld, where protesters gathered to ask Rumsfeld why he lied about the need for a war on Iraq.

    For more information, contact David Swanson


    Charles Jenks
    Chair of Advisory Board and Web Manager
    Traprock Peace Center
    103A Keets Road
    Deerfield, MA 01342


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