Birds, butterfly, damselflies

Today, again to the park in the south east of the city.

We were looking for birds.

The first sounds we heard were an European blackcap singing.

And a green woodpecker.

Later, also great spotted woodpecker.

A male pheasant.

In a meadow: Canada geese, Egyptian geese, and Northern lapwing.

In the trees, grey heron nests with young.

And robin, blue tit and long-tailed tit.

In a canal, coots with chicks.

Yellow flag flowering.

And wild garlic.

A magpie, sitting on a sheep. And an unrelated, but also black and white, oystercatcher.

A garden warbler singing.

On the meadow: lesser black-backed gull, herring gull, black-headed gull.

A great cormorant flying.

Black-tailed godwits chasing a carrion crow away.

If you look closer at the ducks, besides mallards, you also see quite some gadwalls.

And a male tufted duck.

A singing treecreeper.

A singing wren.

A ring-necked parakeet in a tree.

On a fence, a buzzard sits, eating a young black-tailed godwit.

Later, two buzzards circling high in the sky.

And a sparrowhawk.

On a shrub, a whitethroat singing.

A coot chasing a gadwall away.

Near a tree, a speckled wood butterfly.

A hedge sparrow singing.

Swifts flying.

In a marshy part, a reed warbler singing.

And various damselfly species in heart shaped copulation. Including blue-tailed damselfly.

Next week, again activities in this park.

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