USA: punk band Ducky Boys on war in Iraq and at home

This is a video of The Ducky Boys – “Kids”.


Streetcore Punk For The Working Class

Boston’s Ducky Boys have always been a band that speaks to the blue-collar worker in all of us.

Their songs deal with simple themes about love and life.

On The War Back Home, they are continuing these themes, but their music has gotten simpler and at the same time their message has gotten more complex.

Dark Times

The War Back Home is stripped down, simple three-chord rock with complex messages that are heavily geared toward the working class.

Beginning with “Celebrate”, the first track, the band is dealing with both the war in the Middle East and the split between the haves and have-nots, addressing the idea that things are dark and getting darker.

This blue vs. white collar theme is predominant on the album.

On “Bombs Away”, vocalist Mark Lind sings, “Looks like it’s happening again.

They’ve brought back the Reagan Years and the Young Republicans.

Still, I’ve got no money to my name. Ain’t it funny how the rich get richer while the poor just stay the same?”

On Tony Blair’s London, where one can get arrested as a ‘terrorist’ just for playing songs by punk band The Clash: see here.

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