Toad and white stork

Common toad

Today, just after entering the nature reserve: a common toad.

Crossing the pebbles of the main road to the castle.

Fortunately, no cars in sight.

Various species of damselflies.

The meadow: barn swallows, shelducks.

And a white stork.

Two grebes at their nest.

An earlier entry, from 4 May:

The white storks have two chicks.

I cannot see them, as a parent sits on them, probably to protect them from the 25 degree centigrade heat.

In the nature reserve, sparrowhawks flying closely to where their nest was last year.

In the meadow, an oystercatcher on his nest.

Hares. A northern lapwing.


A peacock (not a bird; a butterfly).

Also scores of its distant relatives, longhorn moths.

Gathering in groups on bushes every spring.

The bush where they used to congegrate isn’t there any more.

So now they congegraste here, near the main road to the castle.

In the castle pond, a great crested grebe on its nest.

A coot drives away three tame ducks.

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