ModBlog back from the dead?? How about Dear Kitty?

This video is called What Gives the Morpho Butterfly Its Magnificent Blue?

Incredibly, ModBlog seems to have come back from the dead.

However, for how long?

Should I put lots of new entries there, at my Dear Kitty Modblog?

Or, if Modblog will be not working again: at, my reserve blog, here?

According to ModBlog’s counter, I will soon get my visitor number 200,000 there.

6 thoughts on “ModBlog back from the dead?? How about Dear Kitty?

  1. Are you sure that Modblogs was shut down by it’s owners? Che blogs can be an incredible pain. Sometimes you can’t log on for hours. Sometimes you get bizarre error messages. The webmaster assures me that the problem is attacks by various spam programs. The longest shut down was several days, during which I was going to move to another site. Most blog sites seem to be subject to these shutdowns and slowdowns. Che blogs is down again right now, but I know where the web master is and I know that he doesn’t have time to worry about it. It will probably be back on line in a few hours. The only blogger I know who never has these problems is a guy who has his own domain name and server. good luck deciding which course to pursue.


  2. By the way, you might want to visit his site: He’s an artist and art professor living in New Orleans. His wife is a teacher in the New Orleans public shools. He just posted a short video on New Orleans eight months after Katrina. He is also the producer and editor of the longest running internet TV show,’ J&B on the rox’. Also interesting is the fact that he is a professor at the beleaguered Xavier University, the oldest and largest Black Catholic college in America.


  3. Hi Jon, thanks for commenting. Here at Blogsome I basically never have downtime problems, and it has some other advantages. But it also has drawbacks compared to ModBlog; mainly for me that my bigest archive is at ModBlog. So, for the moment, I blog at ModBlog hoping it won’t have downtime again.

    The diffeerence with previous ModBlog downtimes now after 25 April was that there was no notice about database problems or something, so I presumed all was gone forever. Howwever, surprise ..,.


  4. Hi Jon, for the moment, as long as ModBlog works, I’ll mainly blog there (bigger archive etc.) Also my ModBlog blog gets hundreds of visits a day. Blogsome usually under a hundred.


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