UK: political censorship on Bush and Blair Pet Shop Boys song

Bush and Blair, cartoon

From Heli’s Heaven and Hell Radio blog:

Pet Shop Boys performed their new single, I’m with Stupid on Top of the Pops [BBC TV].

If anyone watching was wondering about the masks being worn by the dancers they were of Tony Blair, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, David Cameron (current UK Conservative leader) and Menzies Campbell (current UK Liberal Democrat leader).

Originally there were three Tony Blairs and three George Bushs but the BBC insisted that for ‘political balance’ the other UK political party leaders had to be shown and that there could be only one Blair and one Bush.

Luckily Putin and Clinton masks were acquired from a party shop while PSB management and make-up staff made quick Cameron and Campbell masks from newspaper photographs!”

You can also watch it here.

Ironically, to have Tory Cameron in is a kind of “justice” as he is the Tories’ Blair, like Blair is “New” Labour’s Tory Thatcher.

However, the BBC ordering the inclusion of Menzies Campbell (far from a radical, but anti Iraq war) is disgusting censorship.

Pet Shop Boys album review: here (scroll down).


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