ModBlog gone. My blog continues here crash cartoon

Dear Kitty,

Unfortunately, it seems that the businessmen in the USA who bought ModBlog have let the site go down the drain without warning about 25 April 2006.

In this way, destroying the work of ten thousands of webloggers, including mine at

This blog here at Blogsome up to now was a reserve blog.

So, it has only a minority of the archive entries which used to be at my ModBlog site.

In the future I may try to restore some of which was at my ModBlog here (all is unfortunately impossible).

However, this will have to wait a bit.

As my blogging priority right now is to post up to date blog entries here.

I hope to get as good or better quaility here as at ModBlog.

Thanks to all people who paid the over 170,000 vistits to Dear Kitty ModBlog since January 2005.

Sorry for the loss of most of my archive due to faceless greedy business bureaucrats.

Life goes on.

Blogging goes on.


UPDATE 3 June 2006: ModBlog comes back every now and then.

So, at least today, you can see the archives up to the end of May there.

UPDATE 16 October 2006: ModBlog seems to be gone forever.

2 thoughts on “ModBlog gone. My blog continues here

  1. Dear Kitty, I’m so sorry that you’ve lost your archives. I just assumed that the server was down again. Would you consider joining us at Cheblogs? Cheblogs is a free blogsite. The webmaster, Brian, donates his time, efforts and some money to keep up the site. He’s a labor organizer in Toronto, and a wonderful guy. There are really only about 4 of us who blog there regularly, and we all do what we can to support one another. There’s a bunch of fake commercial blogs at Che. Periodically, Brian goes through and clears them all out. The rest of us are leftists, or union people in the US and Canada. You would fit in well. Imagine a blog site where you can have a personal relationship with the webmaster!


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