Madagascar: three new lemur species

Lepilemur leucopus

From innovations report:

Three new species of lemurs in Madagascar

An international team, composed of Malagasy and European researchers, has just discovered three new species of lemurs, small primates endemic to Madagascar.

The work carried out by this international team has enabled the identification of three new species of lemur based on the characteristics of their mitochondrial DNA : Lepilemur randrianasol, L. aeeclis and L. sahamalazensis.

They were discovered in the West and North West of Madagascar, bringing the number of species of lemur up to 11.

This number probably underestimates the diversity of the Lepilemur genus, with other species no doubt waiting to be discovered in other parts of the island.

Mouse lemur species here.

Madagascar silky sifaka video: here.

Verreaux’ sifaka: here.

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3 thoughts on “Madagascar: three new lemur species

  1. Similar silky sifaka video can be viewed at the URI above. The footage my wife took was from November 2005 (I was shooting stills) and we had the good fortune to find the sifaka’s on our 3rd day in the jungle, we were out for 4 and were almost going to come away empty handed… they are amazing animals to watch! We were so close to these animals, that my 100-400 mm lens couldn’t focus (the little baby Silky Sifaka was within 6 feet of me).


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