Poetry and music in the theatre

Apollo and the Muses; by Raphael

Tonight, there were poetry and music in a very crowded theatre.

Many people had to stand, some of those outside the entrance.

At first, a capella singers SSSSST.

They were five women, singing in Dutch and English, with flute in one song.

Second were the poems of Jur Oskamp: his own, plus one by Friedrich Hölderlin, both the German original and in Dutch translation.

Then, a choir of twenty five singers, the Hartkoor, with songs in French, German, English, and Italian.

Then, my two poems on a train, and on a window.

After a pause, prose by Ernst Kamphuis.

And songs by Greet Meesters.

Her last song was a Dutch translation of Candy by Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson.

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