USA: what happens to the war wounded?

Bush Iraq war cartoon

By James Cogan:

An American tragedy—the plight of the US war wounded

7 February 2006

One of the terrible legacies of the criminal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is the number of maimed, sick or traumatised former US soldiers—many of them barely in their twenties—who will require medical assistance for the rest of their lives.

For political reasons, the scope of the tragedy is barely being reported despite the impact it is having on a significant layer of young men and women, their families and communities.

Due to improvements in surgical techniques, medicine, body armour and transportation, only nine percent of American casualties in Iraq die from their wounds, compared with 17 percent in Vietnam and 23 percent during World War II.

Rumsfeld and US war wounded, cartoon

The official US death toll since November 2001 stood at 2,513 as of February 7—261 deaths in Afghanistan and 2,252 deaths in Iraq.

The official wounded number stood at 17,096—676 in Afghanistan and 16,420 in Iraq.

The lower death rate compared with previous wars means that soldiers are surviving after suffering horrifying injuries.

As many as six percent of all wounded in Iraq who could not return to duty have required amputations, compared with three percent in earlier conflicts.

3 thoughts on “USA: what happens to the war wounded?

  1. You people are sad and pathetic. I only wish that the liberal media had not clouded your smallsad little brains. It’s such a shme. I wish you knew the good our boys are doing over there.


  2. Yeah right, there he goes again: “liberal media” indeed: Rupert Murdoch’s??!!

    Obviously, you do not mind the bad conditions for veterans, which this item is about, at all. For you, it’s just an opportunity to air your empty rhetorical clichés for the umpteenth time. To you, also, over a million dead and four million refugees in Iraq since Bush invaded for Halliburton, are “good”. By the way, try to learn the English language.


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