Sri Lanka: tsunami victims. USA: hurricane Katrina yesterday; California earthquake tomorrow?

Track of hurricane KatrinaNew articles on natural disasters; which, however, have also economic and social sides.

On the earthquake in the Indian ocean, which destroyed many coastal areas of Asia last year: Clinton paints false picture of “progress” for Sri Lanka’s tsunami victims.

Update 25 December 2006: here.

Update 30 December 2006: here.

Sri Lanka labour struggle in the 1930s: here.

Update on India: here

On deathly and destructive hurricane Katrina and its survivors of the southern USA: 50,000 Katrina evacuees without permanent housing. FEMA to stop paying hotel bills.

For the track of Katrina: see here.

And on, maybe, the future: One earthquake could leave two-thirds of Californians without drinking water.

5 thoughts on “Sri Lanka: tsunami victims. USA: hurricane Katrina yesterday; California earthquake tomorrow?

  1. Yeppers, the 2006 hurricane season started June 1 2006. This season
    is expected to be as active as last year, but according to the
    National Hurricane Center in USA, only one major hurricane will hit
    the USA coastline…but hopefully their prediction is wrong and it
    will miss!!!

    I am now an official hurricane/storm reporter for and I will post updates pertaining to my area
    on this blog as well, so stay tuned!!

    Exact data with links to local references, such as government, local
    news media and storm watch agencies, will be posted when the data
    needs to be posted in regards to my direct area of reporting: ABC
    islands Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. I reside on the latter, which
    is in the middle of this 3-island chain.

    Three years in a row we were lucky. The hurricanes passed us by as
    the very last moment thanks to the Andes Mountain Ridge in
    Venezuela/Colombia which causes most storm systems to bounce off and
    head up due north west.

    Aruba wasn’t so lucky in 2004 with hurricane Ivan. This hurricane
    was a cat 5 when it headed 4 days straight for us. At the very last
    moment it went due northwest, we experienced nothing, no wind, no
    rain, nada. But Aruba was hit by the tail and suffered extensive
    water damage due to rain, and extensive beach erosion due to the
    Southwest wave action. Normal wave action comes in from the
    Southeast on all 3 islands.

    The worst recent storm activity in Curacao were 100 ft (30meters)
    waves in 1999 caused by the storm surge of Lenny when it passed us
    from the West going East. Curacao had never experienced an eastward
    heading hurricane before, so this was definitely a learning
    experience for all storm watcher hobbyists in the ABC islands. Even
    the visiting Queen of Holland was almost swept away near the
    coastline by the sudden storm surge with arrived without warning and
    lasted for 15 minutes.

    The ABC islands are located 500 miles below the hurricane belt, so
    should never be hit by a hurricane. But the last 3 years have raised
    a growing concern that this safety area does not
    exist anymore, and should be re-assessed by local or international

    See this link about past storms that hit or passed by Curacao:

    So keeping my fingers crossed an I am hoping that the storm that
    hits us every 100 years (it is overdue now) will pass us by this
    year as well causing no rain or storm surge damage at all!!!!

    If I see the country flag moving around the daily prediction is:
    windy. If it is wet, it is raining, and if it is gone…run for
    cover!!! heh…

    June 03, 2006 Tropical Storm Alberto?

    Normally it is usually quiet this early in the hurricane season but
    it looks like the first tropical storm is developing south of
    Jamaica. There is allot of windshear 200 miles due north of
    Jamaica…if this windshear persists for the 6 to 8 hours the high
    convection area will be torn apart and nothing will be able to
    develop….so let’s sleep on it and see what has developed 10 hours
    from now when I wake up… 🙂 is not reporting anything yet, but you can obtain
    scientific weather data yourself from

    A large version of the weather photo is at:


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