Slam poetry tournament: last first round

Apollo and the Muses; by Raphael

Yesterday night, again slam poetry tournament in the theatre.

This time, the last bout of the first round. Next week will be the final round.

Last week, three poets proceeded to the final round: Simon Mulder, Gerard Beentjes, and Paul Groenendaal.

There were five poets participating in the slam poetry tournament tonight.

Before they went on stage, I read my new poem, dedicated to the memory of the eleven people who died in the Schiphol fire, and of Louis, organizer of their commemoration, murdered in Nijmegen (by an extreme Rightist?).

After me, as first slam participant, Alex Franken.

Then, Canan Yagmur. A student in Leiden; but from Noord-Holland province; and originally from Turkey.

Somewhat against stereotypes on (young) Turkish Muslim women (one of her poems was on her mystical love for Allah), she did not wear a headscarf, but most of the time just her blond hair.

And for one poem, a red fez (traditional Turkish hat).

Her last poem was in English.

Then, Jaap Montagne came on stage.

This time not as a slam poet, for which he is best known, but as a piano player and singer.

His songs included Let it be, and Strawberry fields forever, by The Beatles.

Third poet on stage was Harry Zevenbergen. A well-known poet from The Hague.

Born in Rhenen village, where he was a punk rocker, as one of his poems said.

Another one criticized privatization of telecom services.

Then came Upperfloor.

This Rotterdam poetess was maybe the best of the night in her reading and interaction with the audience.

As fifth and final one on stage: local poet Germen Bergervoet.

One of his poems criticized local authorities cutting back on art.

After a pause, the same five poets, in reverse order.

Then, the verdicts came, of the votes both by the three person jury, and the audience.

The audience voted for Germen Bergervoet.

The jury vote was a dead heat between Upperfloor and Harry Zevenbergen.

So, three poets will proceed to the final round.

Like last week.

This means there will be ten poets in the final round: instead of eight, as intended.

All three winners then read an encore poem.

Harry Zevenbergen’s was on Italian cyclist Marco Pantani.

Upperfloor again showed how flexible her voice was when reading.

And Germen Bergervoet again showed he was maybe the most typical slam poet of the night.

See you next week.

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