USA: from Vietnam to Iraq; from Watergate to Cheneygate …

Bush Nixon cartoonRemember that Richard Nixon had to resign as US president in the days of the Vietnam war and the Watergate and other scandals?

What are the differences; what the similarities, between then and now?

Historical parallels are never 100%. Yet enough in this case to inspire this Internet weekly picture.

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US army (and, later, Bush, himself): there is a Vietnam-Iraq parallel.

Vietnam and Iraq, cartoon


China: ancient Roman glass found?

This video is called Flintknapping A 2,000 Year Old Piece of Ancient Roman Glass.

Xinhua reports:

Ancient “Roman glass” discovered in tomb

HEFEI, Nov. 20 (Xinhuanet)– Glass remains over 1,700 years old, possibly imported from ancient Rome, have been discovered in an ancient tomb located in east China’s Anhui Province, local cultural relic department said on Sunday.

The tomb was found during the latest road project in Zhulong Village of Dangtu County in Anhui.

Archaeologists believed the tomb was built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317 – 420).

Covered with white mantlerock, the glass remains seem to have ancient Roman shapes and craftwork.

According to the local cultural relic department, the owner of the tomb was possibly from an eminent family of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Besides the “Roman glass,” other rare articles including a gold bracelet, a silver ring, a bronze bowl and porcelain were also discovered in the tomb.

Currently, pieces of the “Roman glass” have been sent to the Anhui-based University of Science and Technology of China for further study and analysis, said the local cultural relic department.

Ancient glass beads provide evidence of industry and trade routes at the time of the Romans: here.

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DNA Testing on 2,000-Year-Old Bones in Italy Reveal East Asian Ancestry: here.