Brussels 23 September: Shame on Bush demonstration

Bush unwelcome in Brussels 20-22 February

In Brussels in Belgium, there will be a demonstration in the form of a human chain, at the United States embassy on Friday 23 September.

This is on the eve of world wide demonstrations against the Iraq war.

And in the wake of the abysmal response by the Bush administration to the Katrina hurricane disaster.

The Brussels demonstration will have as its slogans:

Shame on Bush!

No money for war but to fight against poverty.

In an e-mail, organizers say:

“In the whole world, there is big indignation about the response by the Bush administration to the hurricane Katrina disaster.”

They oppose:

– people being left to their fate because of their complexion or their class
– people being treated as enemies for being black and poor
– billions of dollars going to the Iraq war, instead of to levee maintenance and social needs.

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