Hurricane Katrina in the USA

This video from the USA is called Roundtable Discussion with Hurricane Katrina Survivors 1.


German Minister Stands Behind Criticism of Bush

German Environmental Minister Jürgen Trittin remains stolid in his assertion that Hurricane Katrina is linked to global warming and America’s refusal to reduce emissions.

On the same subject:

From: “Martin Schreader”
Date: Thu Sep 1, 2005 1:12am
Subject: Re: USA

The situation in the U.S. has fundamentally changed in the aftermath of
Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans has, for all intents and purposes, ceased to
exist. The same can be said of Biloxi, Mississippi, and Mobile, Alabama. The
death toll from this hurricane is already in the hundreds, and they have yet
to begin really counting the dead in N.O., which is likely to reach into the
thousands — if not tens of thousands. The devastation of Katrina makes 9/11
look like a traffic accident.

Oil production in the Gulf of Mexico has shut down, and the oil farms at the
mouth of the Mississippi River — the largest field of storage tanks and
refineries in the U.S. — are so badly damaged that it may take years to
fully recover. In the last 72 hours, gasoline prices have went from $2.51 to
$3.69 per gallon, and they are expected to exceed $4 by Friday. This is in
spite of the fact that earlier tonight Bush authorized release of oil from
the government’s strategic reserves and issued waivers to all refineries in
the U.S., allowing them to produce at up to 110 percent capacity.

The environmental devastation has been horrific. New Orleans is being
described as a “cesspool”, with garbage and waste from the sewer system
mixing with hazardous chemicals from local plants and factories, and
punctuated by corpses — both those killed in the hurricane and those whose
graves were washed away (most cemeteries in New Orleans are “above ground”
because the city itself is below sea level). Similar descriptions have been
made of Biloxi and Mobile as well.

The most important thing to note, however, is that much of the devastation
and loss of life could have been lessened or even prevented, if it wasn’t
for the ongoing occupation of Iraq. Thousands of Louisiana National
Guardsmen that could have helped with evacuations and preparations are over
in Iraq, as are their engineering equipment. In the last federal budget,
Bush cut out much of the federal money earmarked to reinforce and stabilize
the levees that keep the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain at bey.

For that matter, Bush could have sent trucks, buses and other vehicles to
transport all of those who could not leave New Orleans, Biloxi and Mobile —
mostly very poor and African American working people — to safety. Instead,
they herded them into “shelters” like the Superdome, where they had no food,
water or safety from the elements. In fact, Katrina severely damaged the
Superdome, peeling off a section of the roof, forcing people to huddle even
closer together to keep safe. There are reports of people committing suicide
by jumping from the higher seating in the Superdome down to the floor.

It will be months before people can return to the area to begin rebuilding
their lives. What they will return to, however, will be “cities” that have
no jobs, no functioning services or local government, and no means of
sustenance. This is not a disaster. This is a nightmare.


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