Rare mushroom in the Netherlands for first time

Crepidotus cinnabarinus between Crepidotus mollis fungi, photo by  Ieko Staal)

This photo shows the rare reddish mushroom Crepidotus cinnabarinus between not so rare white Crepidotus mollis fungi; photo by Ieko Staal.

The Dutch mycological society reports today about Crepidotus cinnabarinus, a fungus which is rare all over Europe and North America.

That species had never been seen in the Netherlands. Until 28 August 2014, in the Hulkesteinse bos woodland in Flevoland province. Six days, later on 3 September, it was found in Zeeland province as well.

Rare oriental pratincole in the Netherlands

This is a video about an oriental pratincole.

Near Sint Philipsland in the Netherlands, there is an oriental pratincole today.

This bird species had only been seen once in the Netherlands before.

Here is a Dutch blog post about this.

According to Dutch Birding, this is a young female.

New sea spider discovery in the Netherlands

This video is called Creatures of the Deep: Sea Spider.

Translated from the Dutch marine biologists of Stichting ANEMOON:

Another marine animal can be added to the Dutch fauna list: a sea spider with the scientific name Endeis spinosa. It is a species that is common in many places of the Northwest European coast, and in the past it was found several times washed up on Dutch beaches. In August 2014, this sea spider was first found alive by recreational divers on the bottom of the Oosterschelde estuary. This finally proved that the species is present here as a native, and has earned a place on our marine fauna list.

Black-winged stilt, video

This is a video about a black-winged stilt, foraging in Zeeland province in the Netherlands.

Karen Davidse made the video.

Ghost shrimps filmed by diver

This video is about ghost shrimps or Caprellidae, a family of amphipod crustaceans.

Here, they are near the bridge across the Oosterschelde estuary, on top of dead man’s fingers, a soft coral species.

Diver Jack Oomen made the video.

Seahorse swimming in Oosterschelde estuary, video

Diver Corne Bolders from the Netherlands, who made this video, writes about it:

19 August 2014

Seahorse in the Oosterschelde (Netherlands)

During a night dive at the Bergse diepsluis I had a short but very special experience with this at least 15 cm [long] seahorse. In the light of my buddy (Rene Weterings)’s dive light I suddenly saw the silhouette appear. After about 15 minutes he was gone in the night just as quickly as he came. Unfortunately, the seahorse apparently is moving and we have [not] seen him anymore.

This is a short-snouted seahorse.

Common cuttlefish swimming, video

This is a video about common cuttlefish swimming under the Oosterschelde estuary bridge in Zeeland province, the Netherlands.

Diver Peter van Rodijnen made the video.