Snowy owl on Vlieland, video

This is a video about a snowy owl on Vlieland island, the Netherlands.

Otte Zijlstra made this video.

There were two snowy owls in the sand dunes of Vlieland.

Unfortunately, one of them has died. A tourist found it at Dodemansbol (Dead man’s dune). The cause of its death is under investigation.

Snowy owl on Ameland: here.

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Shark beaches alive on Vlieland island

This video from South Africa says about itself:

Dylan Irion, Swimming Behaviour of the Common Smoothhound Based on Accelerometer Data

A thorough understanding of the behaviour and habitat use of sharks is critical for improving our understanding of the movement ecology and thus the effective conservation of these threatened species. Direct observation of sharks is often difficult to accomplish in the marine environment where access to free-swimming individuals can be restricted by numerous factors.

The miniaturisation and reduced costs of producing sensors for bio-logging has provided several solutions to overcome this obstacle. The accelerometer is a sensor that functions by recording changes in acceleration due to the dynamic motion of a body, and the static acceleration caused by gravity.

In this study I demonstrate the potential for utilising tri-axial accelerometry as a method for characterising the movement of sharks. By attaching accelerometers to captive common smoothhound sharks (Mustelus mustelus) and comparing the accelerometer record to visual observations of their behaviour, I was able to detect tail beat frequency, tail beat amplitude, and body posture.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Shark strands alive on Vlieland

Update: Monday 24 Feb 2014, 13:48

On Vlieland, a living shark, more than a meter in size, has beached. Never before such a large shark had washed up [alive] on the Dutch coast. It is a starry smooth-hound shark normally only found in warmer seas.

Hikers found the exhausted shark yesterday on the beach. The fish is injured on its muzzle. It was put back into the sea, but kept beaching again and again. That’s why people brought it to the aquarium in the nature center De Noordwester on Vlieland.

The starry smooth-hound shark is not dangerous to humans. It has no teeth and only eats crustaceans such as shrimps.

According to Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad, the shark shows signs of recovery.

See also here.

Sharks beaches on Vlieland: here.

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Snowy owl’s portrait by Dutch artist

This is a video about the snowy owl on Vlieland island in the Netherlands.

Visual artist Erik van Ommen made this video about making a portrait of the owl.

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Two snowy owls on Vlieland island

This is a video about a female snowy owl on Vlieland.

So far, there was one snowy owl on Vlieland island in the Netherlands. Today, that owl was joined by a second one in its sand dune valley.

See them on this photo.

See also here.

Death of one of the Vlieland owls: here.

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Snowy owl on Vlieland island, video

This video was made today, 24 January 2014, about the snowy owl on Vlieland island in the Netherlands.

See also here on that snowy owl.

Dutch snowy owls video: here.

USA: The snowy owl is in town. Bird-watchers, and Harry Potter fans, across the Eastern Seaboard are capturing rare photos of the revered snowy owl, thousands of miles south of its native Arctic home: here.

The northern hawk-owl, meanwhile, is still in Zwolle city. Today, it caught a rat.

The pygmy owl is also still present.

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Snowy owl on Vlieland island, video

This video from the Netherlands is called Snowy Owl, Bubo scandiacus, Vlieland, 17 Jan 2014.

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Snowy owl moves to Terschelling island

This video from the USA is called Arctic Snowy Owl Spotted In Florida As U.S. Becomes Frozen Tundra.

First, there was a snowy owl present on Texel island in the Netherlands. Then, it moved to Vlieland island. This afternoon, about 2pm, the owl flew from Vlieland to Terschelling island. To the coastal dunes of Terschelling.

UPDATE 22 January 2014: the Vlieland owl is not the same as the Terschelling one.

On the other hand, the northern hawk-owl is still on the same spot today in Zwolle city in the Netherlands.

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Northern hawk-owl, snowy owl still present

This video is about the northern hawk-owl in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

That owl is still present today.

Photos of the bird are here.

This video is about the snowy owl on Vlieland island. It is also still present today.

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Dutch rare owls still present today

This video is about the northern hawk-owl in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

That owl is this still present there this morning. It ate a mouse.

Also the snowy owl is still present on Vlieland island today.

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Snowy owl harried by peregrine falcon on Vlieland island

This video from the Netherlands, made on New Years Day 2014, is about the Vlieland island snowy owl being harried by a peregrine falcon.

Vlieland warden Carl Zuhorn made this video. He writes that the snowy owl is a young bird, probably born in 2013.

Carl Zuhorn thinks that the snowy owl‘s food on Vlieland will consist of wood mice, harvest mice, brown rats, rabbits, and maybe occasionally a bird.

A photo of the snowy owl is here.

USA: Snowy Owls are still showing up in the lower 48. Have you spotted one? Here.

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