Birds wintering in Senegal, new research

This French video shows part of the documentary film L’île au faucon, by Allain Bougrain- Dubourg. It is about birds wintering in Senegal; especially lesser kestrels breeding in Spain and elsewhere in southern Europe.

Dutch biologists do research on Montagu’s harriers from Europe, wintering in Senegal. A male harrier wintered in 2013 near Kelcom in Senegal, and again this year. In the summer of 2013, he had nested in Spain.

In Senegal, they feed mainly on locusts.

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Eurasian migratory birds need big African trees

This video from England is about a common redstart.

This blog reported already about the count this month of migratory shorebirds in west Europe and west Africa.

More inland in Africa, people count migratory birds as well.

There is an international BirdLife program: Living on the Edge; for improving migratory bird habitats and livelihoods in the Sahel region, just south of the Sahara desert.

In this program, there is participation from Burkina Faso NATURAMA, Mauritania, Nigeria Conservation Foundation (NCF) – Nigeria; and Senegal. And also from European countries where the migratory birds are in summer.

This morning, Vroege Vogels radio in the Netherlands reported about it. Where do Eurasian migratory birds like common redstart and spotted flycatcher spend their African winters?

It turns out they do so overwhelmingly in just about ten tree species, all in the Acacia genus. And much more so in older, taller trees than in small, young trees.

This research result means there should be more conservation of acacia trees, especially tall, older ones.

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Coastal bird count, from Europe to South Africa

This video, in Dutch, is about counting shorebirds in Senegal.

This January, wintering coastal birds are counted, all the way from the Wadden sea in western Europe, to South Africa. People from all (West) European and (West) African countries along these coasts will participate in the counting.

This count will help conservation of these birds, all along their east Atlantic migration flyway.

African coastal birds, photo by Barend van Gemerden

Here is a beautiful photo by Barend van Gemerden. It shows great egrets, western reef herons, curlews and redshanks along a West African coast.

Photos of some of the bird counters are here.

Wader Quest and the Shorebirds of South Africa: here.

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Sand martin flies from England to Senegal

This video is called Sand Martin Nest Building.

According to a Twitter message by the British Trust for Ornithology, David Norman from England ringed a sand martin in Cheshire. Mr Norman recaught the same bird 8 months later in Senegal in West Africa.

So, that bird had not been caught by the Cheshire Cat :) I hope all will go well with this sand martin‘s further migrations.