Dutch politician Wilders’ anti-Romanian xenophobia

Wilders, No entry for Romanians

Today, Dutch xenophobic politician Geert Wilders demonstrated in front of the Romanian embassy in The Hague. With him, he had a sign, saying “No entry” in Dutch and Romanian.

The racism of Adolf Hitler‘s nazis was at first mainly “only” against Jews. At first, some nazis thought Roma maybe were “Aryan”, so, should not be persecuted like Jews. However, later nazi mass killings of Roma, similar to those of Jews, started.

Soon, Slavic speaking people like Poles, Russians too landed on the nazis’ list of “subhumans”. Like with Jews and Roma, millions of them were murdered.

At first, Geert Wilders claimed to be not racist, “only” against Islam. He wanted a ban on immigration by Muslims … err, not by Muslims, but “by people from [mainly] Muslim countries”, so including, eg, Christian or atheist refugees from the fanatical version of Islam of the government of Saudi Arabia.

Soon, Wilders’ smokescreen of “I am only criticizing a religion” collapsed. Wilders attacked people from Suriname. Wilders attacked Poles. Now, he attacks Romanians and Bulgarians, claiming without any evidence that “most pickpockets are Romanian”.

At first Wilders claimed her had nothing to do with neo-fascist parties like Vlaams Belang in Belgium and Front National in France. By now, however, he considers these racists to be sister parties.

Little ringed plover, young goldfinches

This is a video from Romania about a little ringed plover nest.

25 August 2013.

To the “Baillon’s crake reserve”.

Near the entrance, a female gadwall duck swimming.

On the banks of the northern lake, two snipe.

Northern lapwings. A dozen black-headed gulls, already in winter plumage.

A lesser black-backed gull. A grey heron.

A little ringed plover on the left side of a sandbank cleans its feathers.

A white wagtail.

A large earth bumblebee.

A buzzard flying near the railway.

Scores of teal. Three shoveler ducks, feeding while swimming.

About twenty goldfinches, mainly juveniles, feeding on thistles.

Egyptian geese on a northern lake island.

A meadow brown butterfly.