French racist Le Pen’s anti-Roma hate speech

This video is called French minister riles EU over Roma remarks.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Sentence proposed against Le Pen: two months suspended prison

Added: Friday 15 Nov 2013, 15:03
Update: Friday 15 Nov 2013, 15:17

The public prosecutor has demanded a two-month suspended prison sentence for the former leader of the French National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen, in a discrimination case. Le Pen is on trial because he said about Roma that they “steal like ravens.” According to Le Pen, Roma are thieves “because of their nature”.

The prosecutor also demanded a suspended fine of 10,000 euros. She thinks that the court must take into account the history of Le Pen, who has been convicted often because of discriminatory and racist statements.

Le Pen made his remarks about Roma and stealing ​​last September at a meeting of the National Front. They led to laughter and applause of the audience.

The verdict will be on December 19.

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