Vole eats birds’ leftovers, video

This is a video about a bank vole in a garden in the Netherlands; feeding on what house sparrows and tits have dropped from a feeder.

Andries Dijkstra made this video.

Canadian squirrel steals camera and films

This video is called A squirrel nabbed my GoPro and carried it up a tree (and then dropped it).

From the Daily Telegraph in Britain about this video:

Cheeky squirrel steals a GoPro camera

Footage of an inquisitive squirrel stealing a GoPro camera and dragging it up a tree has gone viral online

17 Nov 2014

You don’t always need the high-production values of David Attenborough‘s Life Story, a team of experienced wildlife cameramen and the patience of a saint to put together an impressive animal video.

As the clip above demonstrates, sometimes you just need a GoPro camera and a slice of bread.

Montreal resident David Freiheit left his camera, with bait attached, at the base of a tree and stood nearby as an inquisitive squirrel approached.

The cheeky animal then dragged the camera up the tree, inadvertently filming Mr Freiheit in the process. Upon realising that the GoPro was not particularly tasty, the squirrel then jettisoned the camera onto the pavement below.

After being published on YouTube, Mr Freiheit’s footage has been viewed over 600,000 times. Completely nuts.

Wild hamster, video

This video is about an European hamster.

Lia van Harskamp made this video in September 2014 in Limburg province in the Netherlands.

Mice eating cranberries

This video says about itself:

This delightful completely wild little wood mouse was only to happy for me to photograph him, so long as I fed him broken up peanuts. Filmed in my garden.

On the Dutch Wadden Sea islands grow cranberries. This plant is originally from North America. It is said that in the nineteenth century a barrel filled with cranberries beached on Terschelling, bringing this species to the Netherlands.

Birds don’t like cranberries. They prefer sea-buckthorn or crowberry fruits.

Wood mice, however, do eat cranberries, especially the seeds.

There are not many rodent species on Terschelling. Apart from the wood mouse, there are harvest mice and bank voles.

Common shrews live on the island as well.

Squirrel collecting dog’s hair for its nest, video

This video is about a red squirrel, collecting dog’s hair for its nest.

Johannes van der Laan from the Netherlands made the video.

Old owl and falcon pellets, new research

This video is called Dissecting Owl Pellets – Mr. Wizard’s Challenge.

The Dutch Mammal Society reports today about a discovery in Naturalis museum in Leiden.

There, old boxes were found. It turned out that these boxes contained many pellets, leftovers of meals of owls, raptors and other predators. Most were decades old.

Translated from the report:

The pellets were from ten types of predators. Most items were from barn owls (24 items). The long-eared owl was second (11 items). Then were six kestrel items. Pellets from other predators were only sparsely represented. 23 small mammals were identified in the pellets. The most special finds were water shrew, bicoloured white-toothed shrew, root vole, European pine vole and occasional finds of hedgehog, black rat and garden dormouse. In addition, a small number of birds and a small number of insects were found.

The complete report is here.