Barn owl nest webcam

This video from the USA is called Utah Barn Owl Nest box 2.

At a barn owl nest on Texel island in the Netherlands, there is a webcam. It is here.

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Baby owls born on American webcams

This video from North America is called Barred Owl nest and youngsters fledging.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

Our Owls Are a Hoot!

With the launch of two new owl cams—the Barn Owl cam in Texas and the Wild Birds Unlimited Barred Owl cam in Indiana—the excitement is building. Early in the morning on April 8, the first of three Barred Owl eggs hatched revealing a downy owlet (watch the highlight). A second owlet hatched out on April 9, and the third appears to have hatched today. The Barn Owls‘ first egg appeared the same day the Barred Owls began hatching, and today they added a second! They’re expected to continue to add to their clutch over the next week.

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Good eagle owl news from the Netherlands

This video is called BBC – Natural World – Return Of The Eagle Owl.

Translated from ARK conservationists in the Netherlands:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In Limburg this year a record number of eagle owls has been found. During an investigation by ARK Nature Development already fourteen territories of these spectacular owls have been discovered. In 1997, the eagle owl nested for the first time in a limestone quarry near Maastricht. The numbers are growing and the eagle owls are also expanding into woods and sand quarries scattered throughout the province of Limburg.

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Snowy owls video

Audubon Magazine in the USA writes about this video:

Amazing Owls Invade from the North

Watch photographer Paul Bannick’s encounters with visiting snowy owls.

The Editors

Published: January-February 2014

Huge numbers of snowy owls from the North were counted on this year’s Christmas Bird Count, documenting one of the biggest bird “irruptions” in recorded history.

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Snowy owl on Vlieland, video

This is a video about a snowy owl on Vlieland island, the Netherlands.

Otte Zijlstra made this video.

There were two snowy owls in the sand dunes of Vlieland.

Unfortunately, one of them has died. A tourist found it at Dodemansbol (Dead man’s dune). The cause of its death is under investigation.

Snowy owl on Ameland: here.

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More bird nests’ webcams

This video from the USA is called Nesting Boxes for Barn Owls in Kansas have produced some video, photos and successful research.

There are still more bird nest webcams than the ones about which this blog reported earlier.

At NestkastLIVE in the Netherlands, there are webcams about starlings, kestrels, barn owls, great tits, blue tits, and jackdaws.

There is also a feeder cam, showing birds (and, sometimes, squirrels or other mammals) feeding around bird feeders.

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Northern hawk-owl and two Olympic medals in Zwolle, the Netherlands

This is a video about the northern hawk-owl in Zwolle, the Netherlands, on 28 January 2014.

The northern hawk-owl, present in Zwolle since November 2013, is still there. Today, it sat on the viaduct near the railway.

Talking about Zwolle city: today, at the Sochi Winter Olympics, two twin brothers from Zwolle won medals. Michel Mulder became Olympic champion in 500 meter speed skating. His brother Ronald Mulder won the bronze medal. Jan Smeekens, also from the Netherlands, was in second place, just one hundredth of a second behind Michel Mulder.

This is a video about Michel Mulder from December last year, when he skated a 500 meter world record for lowland speed skating tracks.

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Northern hawk-owl still present, videos

This video shows the northern hawk-owl in Zwolle, the Netherlands; on 17 January 2014.

After over three months, ever since 24 November 2013, today the northern hawk-owl was still present in Zwolle.

It still attracts birders; including, today, someone from Cardiff in Wales, and one from southern England.

Here is another video about that owl.

And yet another one.

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Little owls in nestbox, video

Though it is officially still winter, these little owls have already gone to their nestbox in the Netherlands; as this video shows.

Little owl photos: here.

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Snowy owl’s portrait by Dutch artist

This is a video about the snowy owl on Vlieland island in the Netherlands.

Visual artist Erik van Ommen made this video about making a portrait of the owl.

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