Rare butterflies in the Netherlands

This video shows a white admiral butterfly.

Translated from Natuurmonumenten conservation organisation in the Netherlands:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Natuurmonumenten foresters had a special observation at Boerskotten nature reserve in Overijssel: the white admiral. The Twente region is one of few places in the Netherlands where this rare butterfly still lives.

News about another rare butterfly species; translated from the Dutch Vlinderstichting entomologists:

Monday, June 23, 2014

Earlier than usually [because of mild weather this spring], as well as many other butterflies, the rare white-letter hairstreak has been seen regularly. The species, of which the only known place so far was in Heerlen, apparently lives in more places. There are populations in Winterswijk and Maastricht. This year new flying sites may be discovered.

This is a white-letter hairstreak video from England.

New tree frog reserve in the Netherlands

This is a video about tree frogs (and a few ladybugs in love and other invertebrates) on a bramble bush in the Netherlands.

Regional Dutch TV RTV Oost reports that there will be a new nature reserve near Enschede city, especially for tree frogs.

Tree frogs are a threatened species in the Twente region.

Crowdfunding made it possible to make a new reserve for the animals between the Aamsveen and Witteveen reserves.

Good rare butterfly news in the Netherlands

This video is about male and female brown hairstreak butterflies.

The Dutch Butterfly Foundation reports about the brown hairstreak butterfly, a rare species.

A few years ago, in Steenwijk town, a sports ground was renovated, causing destruction of brown hairstreak biotope.

Pro-butterfly activists complained about this to local authorities. As a result of this, blackthorn bushes, on which the butterflies depend, were planted all over Steenwijk. This enables brown hairstreaks to live at many spots now; making them no longer dependent on one vulnerable area.

This winter, over 1,850 brown hairstreak eggs were found in Steenwijk. A record number.

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Northern hawk-owl and snowy owl still present, video

This video was made yesterday, New Years Day, about the northern hawk-owl in Zwolle, the Netherlands; catching voles.

Today, the bird is still there.

The snowy owl is also still present on Vlieland island.

This video is about the Vlieland snowy owl.

Rare wall lizard on New Years Day

This is a wall lizard video from Switzerland.

On New Years Day, three young rare wall lizards were seen in the Twente region in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

The photo is here.

So far, this species was basically only known from Maastricht in the extreme southern Netherlands.

Northern hawk-owl and snowy owl still there in 2014

This video is about the northern hawk-owl in Zwolle catching a bank vole (Myodes glareolus) and eating it.

This morning, the northern hawk-owl is still in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

So, it survived the New Year fireworks.

From the blog of Fabian Meijer yesterday:

This last day of 2013, the 31st of December was spent in Zwolle, where the Hawk Owl – that has been present since mid-November – was still showing exceptionally well!

I went together with my dad. It was the 3rd visit for me, but the first visit together with my dad. We spent a few hours with the bird, photographing it from every possible angle. It perched in a tree, a soccer goal, another tree, some poles, electricity buildings and so on – very confiding! …

The bird didn’t seem to mind all the fireworks in the city, there were even some people firing [calcium] carbid[e] in the fields next to the bird!

Below the photo series: enjoy! And best wishes & a Happy New Year!

Dutch Birding, in their review of 2013, with photos, calls 2013 “the year of the owls”.

The snowy owl is still in the dunes of Vlieland island, a bit more to the north than yesterday.