First eco-aqueduct for Dutch wildlife

This video from the Netherlands is about the start of building the new eco-aqueduct near Rouveen.

Translated from RTV Oost in the Netherlands, 22 October 2014:

The first eco-aqueduct for animals opens in Overijssel today. The crossover is between Rouveen and Zwartsluis and is intended for otters, snakes, frogs and fish.

Animals that use the crossing, first go through a water bridge across the Conrad canal. …

Then the passage goes underneath the Conradweg road. Also land animals can cross under the road through a dry passage.

Pied flycatcher attacks red squirrel, video

This video is about a red squirrel wanting to feed on a feeder peanut. A pied flycatcher then attacks it, as the bird thinks the squirrel is too close to its nestbox on a camping ground in Dalfsen in the Netherlands.

I think the feeder and the nestbox should not have been so close together.

Corry Zunnenberg made the video.

Rare moss in Dutch canal

This video about mosses is called Nonvascular Plants | Biology.

Translated from the Dutch BLWG bryologists:

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Last summer Purple-fringed Riccia moss was found massively in the Overijssel canal, east of Zwolle. Purple-fringed Riccia is a moss species floating on the water which occurs mainly in the Dutch big rivers and in the fen regions. From the surrounding area, the species was not previously known. Purple-fringed Riccia is an indicator of clean water.

The discoverer of the species, Melchior van Tweel, found the Purple-fringed Riccia (Ricciocarpos natans) during a cycling holiday in Lemelerveld village along the Overijssel canal.

Fifteen grey partridges, video

This video is about fifteen grey partridges, many of them juveniles.

The video was made on 28 August 2014 near De Pollen village (Overijssel province, the Netherlands) by Rick de Ruiter.

Rare mushroom discovery in the Netherlands

Leucoagaricus meleagris, photo by Peter Comber

Translated from the Dutch Mycological Society:

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

In the vicinity of Hengelo town the Leucoagaricus meleagris mushroom was found a few weeks ago. This very rare heat-loving species grew there on rotting hay. Leucoagaricus meleagris benefits possibly from the warmer summers and recent heavy downpours. As the number of reports from our country increased slightly in recent years.

Rare butterflies in the Netherlands

This video shows a white admiral butterfly.

Translated from Natuurmonumenten conservation organisation in the Netherlands:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Natuurmonumenten foresters had a special observation at Boerskotten nature reserve in Overijssel: the white admiral. The Twente region is one of few places in the Netherlands where this rare butterfly still lives.

News about another rare butterfly species; translated from the Dutch Vlinderstichting entomologists:

Monday, June 23, 2014

Earlier than usually [because of mild weather this spring], as well as many other butterflies, the rare white-letter hairstreak has been seen regularly. The species, of which the only known place so far was in Heerlen, apparently lives in more places. There are populations in Winterswijk and Maastricht. This year new flying sites may be discovered.

This is a white-letter hairstreak video from England.

New tree frog reserve in the Netherlands

This is a video about tree frogs (and a few ladybugs in love and other invertebrates) on a bramble bush in the Netherlands.

Regional Dutch TV RTV Oost reports that there will be a new nature reserve near Enschede city, especially for tree frogs.

Tree frogs are a threatened species in the Twente region.

Crowdfunding made it possible to make a new reserve for the animals between the Aamsveen and Witteveen reserves.