Black-tailed godwit, video

This is a video about a black-tailed godwit near the Reeuwijkse plassen lakes in the Netherlands.

Henk Verbruggen made the video.

Kingfisher sees bird of prey, video

This video is about a young kingfisher in the Netherlands. It sees a bird of prey flying, and then flies away quickly.

Gijs made the video.

Grasshopper warbler warbles, video

This video is about a grasshopper warbler, singing in the Buytenpark in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.

Theus van Kleffens made the video.

Rare butterflies wintering in the Netherlands

This is a scarce tortoiseshell video from Finland.

In July 2014, there was an invasion in the Netherlands of scarce tortoiseshell butterflies; a species, new for the Netherlands.

Soon, people did not see these rare, usually east European, butterflies any more. Did they fly on to England, or to Belgium? A few scarce tortoiseshells were seen there indeed; but how about all the others?

On 2 August 2014, warden Luc Knijnsberg was in Dutch nature reserve Bergen Zuid. Then, a thunderstorm started. Luc entered an old World War II bunker, now used by bats for wintering. In that bunker, he found thirteen wintering peacock butterflies (yes, August is a summer month, but for some butterflies, winter then starts already). Luc found not only peacocks, a common species, but to his surprise also two scarce tortoiseshells. So, this solved the riddle why so many of them arrived in the Netherlands; and so few in Belgium or England.

So, people counting wintering bats should look out for scarce tortoiseshells as well.

Dutch politician advocates killing protected gulls

This video is called Common gulls (Larus canus) in a breeding colony.

A year ago, Johan Houwers, Rightist MP for the VVD, the biggest Dutch government party, was in the news because he advocated the killing of wolves in the Netherlands following the discovery of a dead wolf at Luttelgeest.

Since then, Mr Houwers resigned from parliament, as he was suspected of crimes.

Now, there is another politician from the same VVD party, Heerema, who advocates killing protected animals: gulls. He says the law should no longer protect gulls. So they may be shot, or gassed.

BirdLife in the Netherlands has reacted strongly against Heerema’s proposal.

They say shooting gulls won’t help against problems of gulls messing up garbage. Humans not having garbage all over the place, and making safe nesting places outside cities, enabling gulls to leave cities, will help.

From 1999 to 2012, the number of black-headed gull couples in the Netherlands declined from 135,000 to less than 100,000. Herring gulls declined then from 65,000 couples to less than 50,000. Common gulls declined from 6,000 couples to less than 3,000.

Dunnock confused by its mirror image, video

This video is about a dunnock, confused by its mirror image. It thinks the image is a rival.

C.Krom in the Netherlands made the video.