Wasp species, new for the Netherlands, discovered

This is a video about a Leucospis dorsigera wasp at a solitary bee‘s nest.

Translated from the Dutch entomologists of EIS Kenniscentrum Insecten:

Monday, September 22, 2014

On July 23, 2014 nature photographer Adrie van Heerden discovered a Leucospis dorsigera wasp in his garden in Pijnacker. This is the first ever discovery of this species in the Netherlands. This Leucospis dorsigera wasp was probably a parasite on the red mason bees which make their nests in the insect hotels in the garden.

Rare grass in the Netherlands

Tragus racemosus

Translated from the Dutch FLORON botanists:

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

This summer Willemien Troelstra discovered a blade of grass unknown to her in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. On closer examination that turned out to be Tragus racemosus grass, an annual grass that had surfaced a few times before in the Netherlands, including nine years ago … in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht!

Dutch spiders Top Ten

This video is called 25 Adorable Spiders That Are Not As Scary As You Think.

Last week, thousands of people in the Netherlands counted spiders in their homes and gardens.

The Top Ten of spider species were:

1 European garden spider (4814)

2 Cellar spider (615)

3 Linyphia triangularis (521)

4 Philodromus aureolus (498)

5 Tetragnatha extensa (456)

6 Spotted wolf spider (426)

7 Dust spider (277)

8 Metellina segmentata (245)

9 Neriene montana (235)

10 Silver-sided sector spider (234)

Kingfisher with fish, video

This video is about a kingfisher which has caught a fish.

Hans Stoel made the video.

Osprey feeding, video

This is a video about an osprey feeding in the Netherlands.

Hans Stoel made the video.

Carp, underwater video

Diver John de Jong made this video about carp in the Netherlands.

Parrot toadstool, Dutch Mushroom of the Year

Parrot toadstool

Translated from the Dutch Mycological Society:

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

The parrot toadstool has been elected Mushroom of the Year 2014, this choice is not fortuitous. The parrot toadstool is characteristic of arid grasslands where the soil has not been disturbed for a long time. Where it occurs there are often also other special grassland fungi. It is also one of the most easily recognizable waxcaps. Help the mycologists and go looking for the parrot toadstool.