British soldier suspected of racist terrorism

This video is called UK Soldier Apprehended Under Terrorism Act Over ‘Nail Bomb‘.

This time, British authorities seem to have arrested, for a change, someone for “terrorism” who looks like being a real terrorist, like extreme Rightist Breivik in Norway; not someone like David Miranda, arrested for journalism exposing illegal governmental spying on millions of people.

From The Huffington Post UK:

Soldier Arrested After Nail Bomb Found In Salford House

04/12/2013 08:34 GMT

A 19-year-old soldier has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences after a nail bomb was found at a house.

Officers raided the Army base in Paderborn, Germany, following the discovery of the suspicious device at a terraced house Mellor Street, Eccles, on November 28.

He was flown to the UK and questioned by detectives in Greater Manchester before he was released on bail until January pending further inquiries.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “Police have arrested a man in connection with the investigation into a suspicious device found in Salford last Thursday.

“A 19-year-old man was last night arrested on suspicion of Section 57 of the Terrorism Act. He has now been bailed until January.

“Shortly before 1.30pm on Thursday November 28 a warrant was executed at an address on Mellor Street in Patricroft.

“A 20-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession of abusive images and was bailed pending further inquiries.

“During a search of the property on Mellor Street, a suspicious device was found. A cordon was put in place and a number of residents were evacuated as a precautionary measure. Specialist officers assessed the device and were later able to confirm it was no longer a threat to the community.”

Last week, bomb disposal officers were called to safely remove the device as residents were evacuated to a local school.

Police arrested a 20-year-old man on suspicion of possession of abusive images and “several items of literature which could be viewed by some as potentially inflammatory” – reported to be extreme right-wing leaflets.

Bahrain dictatorship and Manchester United football

In 2011, protests against the Bahrain Grand Prix left a boy wearing a Manchester United shirt dead. Photo: AFP/GETTY IMAGES

From the Daily Telegraph in England:

Manchester United risk political row over Denis Law‘s Bahrain visit

Denis Law, the legendary former Manchester United striker, risks being engulfed in a political row when he visits Bahrain on Saturday after allegations that a doctor in the strife-torn Gulf kingdom had been tortured for raising the issue of human rights abuses with the club.

By Oliver Brown

11:09PM BST 11 Apr 2013

As Law prepares to attend Manchester United’s latest Soccer School in Manama, the Bahraini capital, the New York-based organisation Human Rights First claimed yesterday that Dr Fatima Haji had been beaten and electrocuted by security forces after she asked the Premier League leaders if they would hold a minute’s silence for a teenage boy killed in the 2011 uprising.

On holiday in London: Dr Fatima Haji and her husband Jalal Marzouk. She was sentenced to five years in prison for helping people injured in Bahrain protests

Law’s daughter Diana, the former United head of press, told Telegraph Sport last night that she was “worried” by the claims and would be seeking further reassurance about her father’s visit, which comes amid heightened tensions in the country ahead of next Sunday’s Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix. Last year’s race was marred by scores of anti-government demonstrations.

Brian Dooley, director of Human Rights First, alleged that Dr Haji was subject to brutal interrogation by the Bahraini authorities in April 2011 after she appealed to the club to honour the memory of Ahmad Shams, the 15-year-old shot dead by police still wearing his United shirt.

According to Dooley, Dr Haji, a rheumatologist at Bahrain’s Salmaniya medical complex, said: “I was blindfolded and handcuffed with my hands behind my back, and beaten. A man asked me: ‘What is your relationship with Alex Ferguson?’ I was shocked and figured out they had gone through my emails. A female officer hit me on the head on both sides at the same time – she was wearing what I later found out was a special electrical band on her hands, and she electrocuted me a couple of times. I felt a shockwave through my head. It was very painful and the whole world was spinning.”

Dr Haji is said to have deleted her original email to United, realising that it could have proved incriminating amid Bahrain’s drastic security crackdown, only for police to arrest her on April 17, 2011, and discover United’s reply when they accessed the messages on her computer.

“As they had responded to my email the police thought I somehow knew someone at Manchester United,” she said, in Dooley’s account.

Dooley, speaking from Washington last night, said: “I think Manchester United should be aware of what happened, both of the boy who died wearing the shirt and the Fatima connection. It would be helpful if Denis Law could meet her.

The club should know what went on, that she was tortured at least partly because of her perceived association with United. The Bahrain authorities are very sensitive to their international reputation, and the idea that a major international player like United might think ill of them clearly mattered to them deeply.”

Along with 18 other doctors, she spent weeks in custody for treating injured protesters, and was sentenced to five years in prison before being acquitted on appeal last April. Three of her co-accused remain incarcerated, with Bahrain’s human rights record again due to be thrust into the spotlight by next weekend’s grand prix.

In this context, the timing of Law’s visit on United’s behalf could hardly be more politically sensitive. United did not respond to several requests for comment yesterday.

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Anger as Denis Law’s trip to Bahrain for Manchester United goes ahead. Denis Law has flown to Bahrain to visit a Manchester United soccer school after seeking Foreign Office advice over the controversial trip to the Gulf state in the wake of a female doctor being tortured for raising the issue of human rights abuses with the club: here.

Tension has increased ahead of next weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix as anti-government demonstrators chanted ‘Your race is a crime’ while clashing with police who fired tear-gas and sound bombs: here.

Irish anti Afghan war demonstration

This video from Ireland says about itself:

Approximately 350 people demonstrated in Belfast, as part of the international “World against War” day of action. March 15th 2008.

Organised by the Belfast anti War Movement, the demo was supported by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, NUS-USI, NIPSA and the Ireland Palestine solidarity campaign.

Another video, no longer on YouTube, said about itself:

Manchester, England. 23rd September 2006. 50,000 anti-war protesters march through the streets of central Manchester the day before “Bomber” Blair’s Labour Party annual conference opens. It is the largest anti-war demo in the city’s history. The weather was sunny (sic) and warm as indeed was the atmosphere during the demonstration and rally. This clip shows Irish civil rghts movement veteran and anti-war protester, Eamonn McCann, speaking at the rally in Albert Square. McCann is currently facing legal charges for participating in an occupation of a Raytheon plant in Derry, Ireland. The occupiers “decommissioned” all the computers at the plant causing disruption to the corporation’s manufacture of cluster bombs and other US weapons of war recently in use by Israel in Lebanon.

Visit the Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition website:

From British daily The Independent:

Sinn Fein protest to target Army homecoming parade in Belfast …

The Royal Irish Regiment is due to parade through central Belfast on Sunday to mark the return of its members, who have just completed a six-month deployment in Helmand province. Personnel from the Army, Navy and RAF are to take part in a service at St Anne’s Cathedral.

But Sinn Fein has objected to the event and plans to stage a protest. The republican party is opposed to British involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is highly critical of the Army’s record during the Northern Ireland Troubles. Permission for the protest to go ahead has been granted, under some conditions, by the local Parades Commission which rules on contentious marching issues.

Extra police are expected to be in place for the event, which is regarded as the first serious parading dispute to break out in the city in recent years.

The Ministry of Defence has declined to respond to republican criticisms. …

Yesterday a number of organisations representing people whose relatives were killed by the Army during the Troubles appealed for the march to be called off. Clara Reilly, a campaigner against the use of plastic bullets, said the event should be held in private. “We are not objecting to anyone wanting to celebrate the safe return of their loved ones from these conflicts,” she said. “We are anti-war but we don’t have an issue with families wanting to welcome back their sons, husbands or dads. But it should be a dignified civic reception or church service. Holding a march through the city centre is insensitive, divisive and indeed sectarian. It will offend many.”

The Sinn Fein MEP Bairbre de Brun said: “This parade is insensitive, rash and completely unnecessary. To date the MoD has been invisible on this contentious and divisive march, failing to put up any spokespeople or address the wider public concerns.”

Sinn Fein said that its protest would be “dignified and peaceful”. Another republican splinter group has also announced plans for a demonstration on the day.

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Sinn Féin Assembly member Alex Maskey today described the intervention by the Orange Order into the election campaign in South Belfast, as’ the latest example of the cultural mask slipping’: here.

Pratap Chatterjee, Failing Afghanistan‘s Cops: here.