Sanderling on beach, video

This video is about a sanderling, on the beach near Katwijk, The Netherlands. Recorded by Luuk Punt, 12 November 2012.

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Dunnock and harbour seal

Today, in the dunes of Katwijk: a hovering kestrel.

A dunnock singing from the top of a bush.

This is a dunnock video.

We go to the mouth of the river Rhine. A rare Iceland gull (see also here) has been reported here. However, we see just herring gulls, a few lesser black-backed gulls, and oystercatchers.

A harbour seal swimming in the river mouth; sometimes diving.

On the beach between Katwijk and Noordwijk one can see there has been a storm recently, as many sea stars have beached; and a necklace shell as well.

Seal whiskers sense faraway fish – Harbour seals are able to detect fish that are up to 100m away: here.

Harbour seals can detect the fattest fish using just their whiskers: here.

Dunnock caught exhibiting exciting behaviour shocker: here.