Margaret Thatcher ‘knew about child abuse accusations, did nothing’

This video from Britain says about itself:

Pretty Chilling: Jimmy Savile And His “Love” For Margaret Thatcher

29 December 2012

Jimmy Savile‘s hold over Downing Street in the 80s is revealed in a series of letters in which he declares his “love” for Margaret Thatcher, according to newly released records.

Very disturbing: Jimmy, UKs posthumous “worse than Jack the Ripper“, telling the Prime Minister about his jealous “girl patients”…

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Margaret Thatcher ‘was warned of Tory child sex party claims’

Thatcher’s personal bodyguard and former detective chief inspector said he warned PM about Peter Morrison

Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith

Sunday 27 July 2014

Margaret Thatcher’s personal bodyguard Barry Strevens has told of how he warned the Prime Minister of allegations that one of her top aides was involved in sex parties with under-age boys.

Mr Strevens, a former detective chief inspector, told the Sun on Sunday that he passed on allegations about her loyal confidant Peter Morrison before he was promoted to the position of deputy chairman of the Conservative Party in the 1980s.

Mr Morrison, who died of a heart attack in 1995 aged 51, has since been linked to claims of sex abuse at children’s homes in north Wales.

At the time, Mr Strevens was informed of the allegations by a senior Cheshire police officer. Mr Strevens knew Mrs Thatcher was considering appointing Mr Morrison to the position of deputy chairman after Jeffrey Archer had stepped down over prostitution claims, and he requested an immediate meeting with Mrs Thatcher and her private secretary Archie Hamilton, who reportedly took notes of what was said.

“I wouldn’t say she was naïve but I would say she would not have thought people around her would be like that,” he said. “I am sure he would have given her assurances about the rumours, as otherwise she wouldn’t have given him the job.”

Explaining the nature of the rumours he had been told, Mr Strevens said: “A senior officer in Chester had told me there were rumours going around about underage boys – one aged 15 – attending sex parties at a house there belonging to Peter Morrison.

“After we returned to Number 10 I asked to go and see her immediately. It was unusual for me to do that so they would have known it was something serious. When I went in Archie Hamilton was there. I told them exactly what had been said about Peter. Archie took notes and they thanked me for coming.

“There was no proof but the officer I spoke to was certain and said local press knew a lot more. This was just after the Jeffrey Archer scandal and I knew she needed to know about it because they were deciding on the appointment of the next deputy chairman.

“I always told her things straight, as I saw them. She listened and thanked me. I assumed Archie Hamilton would have spoken to Peter Morrison following that.

“When he was appointed I assumed there had been nothing to the claims – as there was no way on Earth she would have given him the job otherwise,” he said.

Responding to the claims, Archie Hamilton told the paper that Mr Strevens had gone to Number 10 for a meeting but that he could not recall the mention of underage boys.

He said: “I remember Barry Strevens coming in and what he actually said at the time was that there were parties at Peter Morrison’s home in Cheshire and there were only men who were there.

“I don’t remember him saying they were underage. There may have been but the point he was making to her was that there were only men involved in the party.

“She listened to what he said and that was it. It was merely a party and men were there,” he said.

Home Secretary Theresa May has already announced a full-scale investigation into historical claims of child abuse at Westminster, and of an alleged paedophile ring.

Lord Tebbit has said he confronted Mr Morrison over rumours about him and young boys and that he received a flat denial, while former Tory MP Edwina Currie had previously called him a “notable pederast”.

Elite London school accused of failings over paedophile teacher William Vahey: here.

‘British Establishment crony Sir Jimmy Savile abused children, patients, dead bodies’

This video from Britain is called Jimmy Savile & Margaret Thatcher.

Jimmy Savile, while he was alive, probably abused thousands of children and other people. At least some people in the British establishment knew that, but kept silent. The British government of Margaret Thatcher made Savile a nobleman, Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile. Thatcher succeeded in this in 1990, after her fellow Conservative ministers had vetoed four earlier attempts at it. Also in 1990, Pope John Paul II made Savile a Knight of the Vatican.

In 1978, John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) of punk band the Sex Pistols, spoke in a BBC interview about Savile’s sexual abuse. The BBC censored that interview. Three years later, in 1981, Margaret Thatcher said Savile was ´marvelous´.

Only after Savile´s death the horrible truth became known to the general public.

From the Daily Mirror in Britain:

Jimmy Savile told hospital staff his jewellery was made using dead patients’ glass eyes

June 26, 2014 11:31

By Richard Hartley-Parkinson

An investigation heard multiple sickening claims from different staff at Leeds General Infirmary where he was a regular visitor

Jimmy Savile told hospital staff that jewellery he wore was ‘made from the glass eyes of dead bodies at the mortuary’, an investigation has heard.

The disgraced presenter was also reported to have acted ‘unacceptably’ with bodies in the mortuary of Leeds General Infirmary.

An investigation into his abuse at the hospital heard the now-dead entertainer claimed to have “interfered with the bodies of deceased patients”, including performing sex acts on them.

Investigators said while there was no way of proving Savile interfered with the bodies in this way, they concluded that “it is evident his interest in the mortuary was not within accepted boundaries”.

Dr Sue Proctor, who led the investigation into Savile’s abuse at the LGI, told a press conference a student nurse reported having had a conversation with Savile in which he claimed he performed sex acts on the dead.

While she said the allegations cannot be verified now, Dr Proctor said they had to be considered in the context that the controls around access to the mortuary in the 1980s were “lax”.

Dr Proctor referred to Savile’s claims that large rings he wore were “made from the glass eyes of dead bodies at the mortuary”.

Savile’s professed interest in the dead was described by Dr Proctor as “pretty unwholesome”.

Savile visited the mortuary in his role as voluntary porter and that he visited socially with his friend, who was the chief mortician.

Investigators said he publicly acknowledged his fascination with the dead and there were a lack of stringent procedures surrounding the mortuary.

A series of chilling reports have revealed Savile subjected patients in hospitals across the country to “truly awful” sexual abuse for more than four decades.

Savile’s victims at the LGI ranged from five-years-old to pensioners and included men, women, boys and girls.

At high-security hospital Broadmoor, Savile sexually abused at least five individuals, including two patients who were subjected to repeated assaults.

Investigators discovered members of staff at the LGI failed to pass on complaints of abuse to senior managers, who could have acted to stop it happening.

And they also found “clear failings” in the way access to wards in Broadmoor was controlled, as Savile had keys allowing him unrestricted access to ward areas within the security perimeter.

A joint statement from NHS chiefs described the findings of the investigations as “truly awful”, while both current chief executives of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and West London Mental Health NHS Trust, which covers Broadmoor, apologised to victims.

The inquiry into his activities at LGI after he started his association in 1960 included the testimonies of 60 people who gave accounts of their experiences with Savile to investigators – 33 of these were patients.

Three of these incidents were rapes, the investigators said.

The Leeds team said 19 of those who came forward were under 16 years old and the age range was five to 75.

They said the majority were teenagers but 19 victims were hospital staff – all women.

At Broadmoor, investigators found sexual relationships between staff and patients were tolerated in what was a “clear, repeated failure of safeguarding standards”.

There was an atmosphere within the hospital that tolerated inappropriate behaviour and discouraged reporting, the probe said.

Savile’s “often flamboyantly inappropriate” attitude towards women was seen as part of his public act, “just Jimmy”, the report found.

In a disturbing finding, it was noted that Savile sometimes watched as female patients undressed for baths in the wards, and at other times looked through doorways while making inappropriate comments.

While fewer assaults were reported to have taken place at Broadmoor than other hospitals, the inquiry concluded that Savile was “an opportunistic sexual predator” throughout the time he was associated with the institution and attributed the smaller number of complaints to an atmosphere of fear among staff as to what might happen if they did report incidents.

Investigator Dr Bill Kirkup said the report’s findings are “likely to represent an underestimate of the true picture”.

Savile, a Radio 1 DJ who also presented the BBC’s Top Of The Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, died aged 84 in October 2011 – a year before allegations that he had sexually abused children were broadcast in ITV documentary Exposure: The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile.

The documentary ultimately led to a joint review by the Metropolitan Police and NSPCC into allegations that the television presenter abused women, girls and boys.

The findings of the review, published in January last year, saw 214 criminal offences, including 34 rapes, recorded against Savile’s name across the UK between 1955 and 2009.

Claims that some of the abuse happened in hospital settings triggered separate NHS investigations published today.

A key report into his activities at Stoke Mandeville Hospital has been delayed after new information recently came to light.

Jimmy Savile’s reign of abuse across NHS exposed in detailed investigation. Edwina Currie voices regret as report reveals sexual predator’s activities at 28 hospital trusts: here.

Report reveals Edwina Currie approved Jimmy Savile’s role at hospitals: here.

Those who shielded Jimmy Savile are still silent. Given the evidence from dozens of witnesses, how did Savile, a child molester and sex pest, escape attention? Here.

With a steady stream of revelations of paedophilia within Parliament and the media, STEVEN WALKER asks just how far the Establishment cover-up extends: here.

ONCE beloved entertainer Rolf Harris saw his reputation end in disgrace yesterday after he was found guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault: here.

POLICE considered fresh allegations against Rolf Harris yesterday as the ink dried on his conviction for indecent assault: here.

THE ELITE in Britain is — or ought to be — in deep disgrace. It has celebrated its new post-cold war, end-of-history franchise on power by launching illegal and mendacious wars, piloting the economy to an epochal crash, bugging phones and fiddling expenses. It has done its best to obfuscate and cover much of this up, unsuccessfully: here.

Jimmy Savile, knighted by British government and Vatican, ‘abused 1,000 children’

This video from Britain says about itself:

Jimmy Savile & Margaret Thatcher

16 okt 2012

Why were Savile and Thatcher, strange bedfellows however you look at it, so close?

From weekly The Observer in Britain:

Revealed: how Jimmy Savile abused up to 1,000 victims on BBC premises

Executives turned a blind eye to attacks, according to former judge’s ‘shocking’ finding

Daniel Boffey, policy editor

Saturday 18 January 2014 21.24 GMT

The BBC will be plunged into a major crisis with the publication of a damning review, expected next month, that will reveal its staff turned a blind eye to the rape and sexual assault of up to 1,000 girls and boys by Jimmy Savile in the corporation’s changing rooms and studios.

Dame Janet Smith, a former court of appeal judge, who previously led the inquiry into the murders by Dr Harold Shipman, will say in her report that the true number of victims of Savile’s sexual proclivities may never be known but that his behaviour had been recognised by BBC executives who took no action.

Smith’s investigations, which followed the Pollard inquiry into why the BBC shelved a Newsnight programme about Savile, will send shockwaves through the corporation.

A source close to the inquiry told the Observer: “The numbers are shocking. Many hundreds and potentially up to 1,000 people were victims of Savile when he was representing the corporation. The report will overshadow Pollard. It will go right to the heart of how Savile was able to get away with the most heinous of crimes under the very noses of BBC staff for more than 40 years.”

The sheer scale of victims’ testimonies being examined has delayed the publication of Smith’s report by a month.

Peter Saunders, chief executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood (Napac), which has been consulted by Smith’s inquiry, said: “In Savile’s lifetime I wouldn’t doubt [that 1,000 people had been abused by him on BBC property]. The other thing I have found extraordinary, and very sad, is the number of people I have spoken to connected to the BBC, and that is a lot of people, who said: ‘Oh yes, we all knew about him.’

“I was talking to someone at BBC Manchester in Salford who said ‘we knew about Stuart Hall. He had a room where he would take women and young people’. You think: ‘Oh my God, these people were offending almost in open sight and no one thought to intervene.'”

Liz Dux, a lawyer representing 74 of Savile’s victims, said Smith had been forensic in her examination of witnesses and her report was likely to cause serious concerns for those at the top of the organisation. She said: “Every single opportunity Savile took it. He never had a quiet day basically so these numbers wouldn’t at all surprise me.

“Dame Janet is very widely respected and I am confident she won’t leave any stones unturned. The clients who gave evidence said that they felt they were listened to very sensitively and sympathetically and were able to give their evidence in a lot of detail. This will not be a what-the-BBC-want sort of report.”

A second report on the scale of Savile’s abuse within the NHS has also been delayed due to the number of places in which Savile committed crimes and it is not expected until June.

Smith has used a similar methodology to that employed during the Shipman inquiry, which found the GP had killed hundreds of patients, not just the 15 for which he received life sentences before taking his own life in his prison cell.

Her team sent letters to every member of BBC staff past and present asking whether they had witnessed criminal acts by Savile in order to piece together his pattern of behaviour and establish an understanding of the scale of his crimes.

In three known cases, one of which involved a BBC cameraman who has since died, Savile carried out his abuse with others connected to the corporation, the review has heard.

The report will, however, express frustration that some of those closest to Savile or culpable for allowing him to go unchallenged have refused to co-operate. His criminality peaked in the 1960s and 1970s, when he was middle-aged and at the height of his career at the corporation, but continued right up until the last filming of Top of the Pops in 2006 when at the age of 79 he groped a girl aged between 13 and 16. Smith’s review has been in contact with more than 1,000 witnesses and victims, including the 138 who are pursuing civil claims for compensation, but the scale of those affected by Savile’s crimes dwarfs the number who have so far come forward.

The Observer understands the BBC has provided more than £10,000 in funding, and the assistance of a business consultant, to Napac to allow it to increase its helpline services. Further money is expected to be made available when the review is published.

Lord Hall, the BBC’s director general, met the charity’s chief executive shortly before Christmas and asked for his support when the Smith report is launched.

Dux hopes the BBC will respond to Smith’s findings by offering further support to the victims, who are due to receive limited compensation through a scheme being agreed with the corporation, the NHS and the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust. Those raped by Savile are unlikely to receive more than £50,000 in compensation.

Dux, head of abuse cases at Slater & Gordon, said: “What I hope doesn’t happen is that the BBC goes into some sort of navel-gazing period. Rather than look internally, look at how they are behaving and accept some corporate responsibility, which is not what they have done so far.

“I have asked for counselling for my clients who have given statements but the BBC have done nothing; my clients have been left absolutely high and dry.”

If the BBC really cared about these people then they would have contacted them as soon as they have given evidence and said: ‘We accept that you have gone through an awful ordeal and whatever the outcome of the report we have made facilities to let you go and see this counsellor.'”

She added: “Whether these cases are resolved by settlement scheme or by court the amount of damages the victims of the BBC will get is absolutely tiny compared to what they have spent on their own legal fees, the Pollard inquiry and their own staff. The damages for compensation in civil law for rape is rarely over £50,000 and that is something that is life-changing and hideous. They are actually getting an insulting amount”.

A spokesman for Smith’s review declined to comment.

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Child abuse and the British government

This video from Britain says about itself:

Pretty Chilling: Jimmy Savile And His “Love” For Margaret Thatcher

29 dec 2012

Jimmy Savile‘s hold over Downing Street in the 80s is revealed in a series of letters in which he declares his “love” for Margaret Thatcher, according to newly released records.

Very disturbing: Jimmy, UKs posthumous “worse than Jack the Ripper”, telling the Prime Minister about his jealous “girl patients”…

(Courtesy of skyNEWS)

By Steven Walker in Britain:

Parliament’s record of child abuse

Thursday 3rd October 2013

What has happened to Cameron‘s promised inquiry into paedophile networks in Westminster’s corridors of power, asks STEVEN WALKER

As the Tories wind down from their bread and circuses festival in Manchester, the last thing they need to be reminded of is the outstanding public inquiry into claims that a “powerful paedophile network” may have had links to a former prime minister, No 10 and Parliament.

Labour MP Tom Watson told the House of Commons in October last year there was “clear intelligence” suggesting a notorious group was connected to a former No 10 aide and suggested that a widespread cover-up had been orchestrated. Yet nothing has been done about it.

Hansard recorded last year that the police file relating to Peter Righton, who was convicted in 1992 of importing child pornography from Holland, needed to be re-examined.

“The evidence file used to convict Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring.”

The central allegation was that a large body of material seized in a raid on Righton’s home had not been fully investigated.

Though Righton was the subject of a BBC profile, The Secret Life of a Paedophile, little has been done to follow up the leads from the case.

A specialist unit at Scotland Yard had the material which supplemented a wider investigation into organised paedophile rings at children’s care homes.

A recent Channel 4 Dispatches programme outlined the allegations that arose regarding the role of senior politicians, the security services and the Crown Prosecution Service in covering up the abuse carried out by former Liberal MP Cyril Smith over five decades.

The overlap with another famous predatory paedophile, Jimmy Savile, in terms of who knew about this abuse were laid bare.

Conservatives Edwina Currie, Gyles Brandreth and Rod Richards have made damning statements of how it was well known in Westminster circles that Chester MP Peter Morrison was a dangerous paedophile – and yet his career was unaffected as he rose to be deputy chairman of the Conservative Party.

He was Thatcher‘s parliamentary private secretary in 1990 and her campaign manager that same year despite this knowledge having been around for many years.

Tim Fortescue, Edward Heath’s chief whip from 1970-73, made public on Michael Cockerell‘s 1995 BBC documentary called Westminster’s Secret Service that there was a tried and tested method for cover-ups named the “dirt book system.”

Talking about the role of the chief whip, Fortescue said: “For anyone with any sense who was in trouble would come to the whips and tell them the truth … a scandal involving small boys … we would do everything we can because we would store up brownie points. And if, I mean, that sounds a pretty, pretty nasty reason, but it’s one of the reasons because if we could get a chap out of trouble then, he will do as we ask forever more.”

There is an extensive history of paedophile activity and Parliament.

For example, in June 1986 The People newspaper published claims that Tory MP Harvey Proctor had taken part in spanking and cane beating of teenage male prostitutes in his London flat.

The recent McAlpine fiasco and BBC Newsnight’s ineptitude ensured that any allegations against others could be dismissed as malicious, plain wrong or someone out to make money from compensation.

Meanwhile the Metropolitan Police’s Operations Fernbridge and Fairbank are among the latest ongoing investigations into paedophile activity and it is expected that their findings are going to be sensational.

The following year Proctor was charged with gross indecency. At his trial in May 1987 Proctor pleaded guilty and was fined a total of £1,450.

More recently, former Tory Party general election candidate Michael Powell was convicted and jailed for three years for downloading hardcore child porn.

The mainstream media, political spin doctors and crafty public relations outfits have a long history of colluding with cover-ups that threaten the reputation of the Establishment and supposedly sacred institutions like Parliament.

But the drip-feed of facts over the past 20 years amounts to an extraordinary, damning indictment against those who conspire to abuse the most vulnerable citizens in society, while posturing at their party conferences about the sanctity of the family and children’s welfare.

Steven Walker is a former child protection social worker.

British police failure on rapist Sir Jimmy Savile

This video from Britain is called Jimmy Savile And His “Love” For Margaret Thatcher.

From the BBC:

12 March 2013 Last updated at 08:09 GMT

Jimmy Savile: Police ‘failures’ to stop abuse criticised

Police forces failed to “join the dots” and missed opportunities to apprehend Jimmy Savile, a critical report says.

The Inspectorate of Constabulary said forces had failed to understand the depth of his sexual offending, and had mishandled complaints and intelligence.

HM Inspector of Constabulary Drusilla Sharpling said she was “shocked” by the extent of his crimes and the paucity of information available.

The report reveals the earliest known complaint was in Cheshire in 1963.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularly (HMIC) also warned that failures to share intelligence on a prolific offender could happen again.

Ms Sharpling told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that Savile’s celebrity status had played a part.

“It’s clear that because of Savile’s celebrity status, people were looking for that extra piece of evidence, behaving with an extra sense of caution because of the power he wielded,” she said.

The HMIC report was an attempt to find out how much police knew about Savile before he was exposed as a sex offender in 2012.

The former presenter of the BBC’s Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, who also worked as a Radio 1 DJ and received a knighthood in 1990, died aged 84 in October 2011 – a year before the first allegations were broadcast in an ITV documentary.

‘Acting with impunity’

The police watchdog said it had found five reports made to the police about Savile prior to his death and two pieces of intelligence, all of which had been mishandled in different ways.

In the wake of last year’s revelations, police have received about 450 allegations spanning several decades. Detectives have assessed 214 of them as being definite crimes, including 32 of rape.

A joint police and NSPCC report released in January outlined offences committed by Savile over 50 years at a number of venues, including BBC premises, schools and hospitals.

The allegations uncovered by HMIC include information passed to the Metropolitan Police’s paedophile unit and a separate anonymous letter that detailed some of Savile’s methods.

The earliest known missed opportunity to investigate Savile was in 1963 when a male victim reported to Cheshire police that he had been raped by Savile, according to the report. An officer told the victim to “forget about it”.

Another man who reported to police in London that his girlfriend had been assaulted at a recording of Top of the Pops was warned that he “could be arrested for making such allegations” and sent away.

They were among eight people who tried to report Savile but failed to get the police forces involved to do anything. Other victims had contacted Merseyside Police, West Yorkshire Police, and the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

Anonymous letter

In 1964 intelligence about Savile was entered into a ledger used by the Met’s paedophile unit. It said the DJ had visited an address used by girls who had absconded from Duncroft Approved School in Surrey. There is no record of any investigation.

The Met received further detailed, but anonymous, allegations in 1998 in a letter that described Savile as a “deeply committed paedophile”.

However, the classification of this letter as “sensitive” because of Savile’s celebrity status meant “the intelligence was not readily available to be searched by later investigating officers”, HMIC said.

Seven incidents in police records

Met paedophile unit intelligence ledger
1998 anonymous letter
2003 Met crime report relating to a complaint about a 1970s incident
2007 Surrey report after complaints from three victims
2008 Sussex report after complaint from one victim

“In the light of what is now known, the 1998 MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) anonymous letter makes distressing reading,” said the report. “Its detail provided the police with an opportunity to pursue enquiries that might have confirmed its veracity.”

In 2003, the Met also compiled a crime report relating to a complaint about a 1970s incident.

In 2007 Surrey Police compiled a report after complaints from three victims and the following year a Sussex report focused on a complaint from one victim.

The HMIC report said: “Both officers (from Sussex and Surrey) appear to have alerted each other to the reluctance of their respective victims and both decided that neither was able to support the other. As a result, opportunities for mutual support were lost.”

The watchdog said that police had systems and processes to enable forces to “join the dots” and to spot patterns, but these had been either used incorrectly or not at all.

Drusilla Sharpling, HM Inspector of Constabulary, said it would be wrong to claim the same failures could not happen again.

“Clearly there were mistakes in how the police handled the allegations made against Savile during his lifetime,” she said.

“However, an equally profound problem is that victims felt unable to come forward and report crimes of sexual abuse.”

She told the BBC that it must become an obligation on professionals of all kinds to report child abuse, and the use of the police database had to be “slicker” and “more comprehensive”.

Police watchdog to investigate claims officer ‘acted on behalf’ of Jimmy Savile: here.

David Smith dead: Ex-BBC driver in Jimmy Savile probe found dead on day trial due to start: here.

Savile child abuse, police, Thatcher failure

This video from Britain is called Jimmy Savile & Margaret Thatcher.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Prosecutors and police: we failed to stop Savile

Friday 11 January 2013

Predatory paedophile Jimmy Savile could have been prosecuted for offences against at least three victims while he was alive but the complaints were not taken seriously enough, it was admitted today.

The disgraced TV presenter used his celebrity status to “hide in plain sight” and commit hundreds of sexual offences, a joint report by the Metropolitan Police and children’s charity NSPCC found.

Legal adviser to the Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Levitt QC said Savile could have been prosecuted in 2009 had police taken his victims’ allegations more seriously.

She found that “had the police and prosecutors taken a different approach” prosecutions could have been possible in relation to three victims.

Police and prosecutors treated the claims “with a degree of caution which was neither justified nor required,” Ms Levitt said.

Surrey Police received an allegation in May 2007 that Savile had sexually assaulted a teenage girl at Duncroft Children’s Home in the late 1970s.

As a result of that investigation, two more allegations emerged.

The first that around 1973 Savile had sexually assaulted a girl aged about 14 outside Stoke Mandeville hospital.

The second, in the ’70s and again at Duncroft, Savile had suggested to a girl aged about 17 that she perform oral sex on him.

And separately a complaint was made to Sussex Police in March 2008 alleging that around 1970 Savile had sexually assaulted a woman in her early twenties in a caravan in Sussex.

Ms Levitt found that Surrey Police had not informed the alleged victims that other complaints had been made, while Sussex police told the complainant that corroboration was needed and the prosecutor did not question why victims would not support court action or seek to build a case.

Surrey Police consulted the Crown Prosecution Service about all four allegations and it was decided in October 2009 that no prosecution could be brought because the alleged victims would not support police action.

A total of 450 people have come forward alleging sexual abuse by Savile since October. Among the recorded crimes are 34 rapes and 126 indecent acts.

Of his victims, almost three-quarters were children – the youngest of whom was eight years old at the time.

The earliest reported offence committed by Savile was in Manchester in 1955, and the final reported allegation was in 2009.

Commander Peter Spindler, who is leading the national investigation into Savile’s abuse, said: “Savile’s offending footprint was vast, predatory and opportunistic.

“He cannot face justice today, but we hope this report gives some comfort to his hundreds of victims.

“They have been listened to and taken seriously.”

NSPCC’s Peter Watt added: “The sheer scale of Savile’s abuse over six decades simply beggars belief.

“He is without doubt one of the most prolific sex offenders we have ever come across,” said Mr Watt.


Savile lobbied Thatcher to increase charitable tax relief, archives show

Tania Mason | 11 Jan 2013

Newly-published government papers dating back 30 years have shown that Jimmy Savile approached then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher about increasing tax relief on charitable donations.

He also met her several times to drum up support for his Stoke Mandeville Hospital appeal – a successful campaign, as the government eventually donated £500,000 to the £10m appeal.

Official records of meetings and a number of letters between the pair were published by the National Archives just before the new year, under the 30-year rule.

Jimmy Savile was thanked in a letter from ex-PM Margaret Thatcher — after finding children’s party entertainers for her as he abused kids: here.

Savile’s extraordinary access to Thatcher detailed in secret files: here.

Revealed: Jimmy Savile’s close friendship with Margaret Thatcher: here.

Rape victim ‘pressured by police to drop claim against man who later killed': here.

Police investigating allegations of child abuse have seized a list that includes names of government ministers and other prominent establishment figures: here.