French Rightist politician praises Hitler’s genocide

This video is about Hitler’s Roma Holocaust.

From the (conservative) Daily Mail in England:

French politician provokes outrage by suggesting Adolf Hitler ‘did not kill enough Roma gypsies

French politician causes outrage after stirring up memories of holocaust

In an incendiary outburst, Gilles Bourdouleix also accuses gypsies of incest

Calls made for UDI party leader Jean-Louis Borloo to sack his colleague

By Peter Allen

PUBLISHED: 12:48 GMT, 23 July 2013 | UPDATED: 12:50 GMT, 23 July 2013

A French politician has caused outrage by suggesting that Adolf Hitler ‘did not kill enough’ Roma gypsies.

In the latest ferocious attack on travellers, MP Gilles Bourdouleix stirred up memories of the Holocaust, when the Nazis sent thousands of gypsies to the gas chambers because Hitler believed them to be sub-human.

Mr Bourdouleix, who represents a constituency in the Maine and Loire region of west France, was visiting an illegal Roma camp in the town of Cholet, where he is deputy mayor, when he made the incendiary comments.

Surrounded by armed police, Mr Bourdouleix was trying to persuade the new arrivals to move on.

But as he began to speak to community leaders, some of the Roma gypsies standing by began to make Nazi salutes in his direction.

Mr Bourdouleix was recorded by a local journalist saying: ‘Like what, Hitler didn’t kill enough’.

Challenged about his comment by some of the Roma men, Mr Bourdouleix said: ‘You compared me to Hitler, do you think that’s nice?’

Mr Bourdouleix then accused the community of incest, saying: ‘The other day, they called me a paedophile, even though half of their children are from fathers and grandfathers.’

Fabien Leduc, the journalist who recorded Mr Bourdouleix, has since transcribed a word-for-word account of the recoding.

Expel: Jean-Louis Borloo is now considering throwing Mr Bourdouleix out of the UDI Party

It has persuaded Jean-Louis Borloo, leader of Mr Bourdouleix’s party, the centre-right UDI, that he should consider expelling his colleague.

He said: ‘Whatever the real and unacceptable provocation the deputy mayor of Cholet, Gilles Bourdouleix, was subjected to, nothing justifies the remarks apparently made by him.’

Jean-Christophe Lagarde, the secretary general of the UDI party, meanwhile tweeted: ‘The words of Bourdouleix, even though made in the heat of the moment, were intolerable and incompatible with the values of the UDI.’

Mr Lagarde added: ‘The only possible sanction is his expulsion from the UDI, and this should be adopted by the executive committee next Wednesday.’ …

French politicians from both Right and Left have launched an onslaught on Roma gypsies in recent years, destroying their camps and deporting them back to countries including Romania and Bulgaria.

The First American Anti-Nazi Film [1934], Rediscovered: here.

Hitler ‘superhero’ in Thailand

This video is called An Alfred Hitchcock documentary on the Nazi Holocaust.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Thai university apologises for ‘superhero’ Hitler billboard

Nazi leader depicted on banner hailing Chulalongkorn graduates alongside Batman, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk

Monday 15 July 2013 11.28 BST

Thailand‘s leading university has apologised for displaying a billboard that showed Adolf Hitler alongside Superman and other superheroes, saying it was painted by ignorant students who did not realise the image would offend anyone.

The huge billboard was placed outside the art faculty of Chulalongkorn university as part of a tribute to this year’s graduates.

It said “Congratulations” in bold white letters and showed Hitler with his arm raised in a Nazi salute next to Batman, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man.

“[We] would like to formally express our sincere apology for our students’ superhero mural,” the art school dean Suppakorn Disatapundhu said in a statement on Monday. “I can assure you we are taking this matter very seriously.”

The billboard was up for two days before being removed on Saturday in response to criticism. Online photographs showed graduating students in their robes, mimicking Hitler’s raised-arm salute.

Suppakorn said new art students had painted the banner as part of a traditional send-off from incoming students to the graduating class, and it was one of dozens of banners and billboards across the campus during the university’s commencement period.

The artistic vision behind the picture was to show that good and bad people co-exist in the world, Suppakorn said after summoning the students for an explanation.

“They told me the concept was to paint a picture of superheroes who protect the world,” the dean said in a telephone interview.

“Hitler was supposed to serve as a conceptual paradox to the superheroes,” he said, noting that the superheroes were painted in vivid colours while Hitler’s image was in grey. “This kind of thoughtless display will not happen again.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, an international Jewish human rights group, had criticised the banner before its removal.

“Hitler as a superhero? Is he an appropriate role model for Thailand’s younger generation – a genocidal hatemonger who mass-murdered Jews and Gypsies and who considered people of colour as racially inferior?” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean at the centre, in a statement on Friday.

“The Simon Wiesenthal Centre is outraged and disgusted by this public display at Thailand’s leading school of higher education.”

The study of history in the Thai school system revolves primarily around the history of Thailand and its long line of kings. World history is glossed over, with little or no mention of the Holocaust.

Flemish racists celebrate Hitler’s birthday in parliament

This video says about itself:

The Hidden Face Of The Vlaams Belang (1/8)

Nov 18, 2007

A Belgian documentary on the Flemish far-right party Vlaams Belang and its disturbing past and present.

Translated from an interview by Michael Lescroart with Bart Debie, ex-police commissioner and ex-Member of Parliament of the extreme Right political party Vlaams Belang; in the (conservative) Belgian daily Gazet van Antwerpen, paper edition, 9 March 2013:

“On Hitler‘s birthday, Vlaams Belang representatives celebrate in the parliament’s restaurant”

Yes, there are people in Vlaams Belang with hardline nazi sympathies. That includes members of parliament. After they had some drinks, I have seen them make the Hitler salute.

I have also filmed them doing that. …

Eg, on Hitler’s birthday it was their custom to have a little party in the restaurant of the Flemish parliament. Then, they drank to the health of “uncle Marcel”. A code name for the Führer. I have always really had problems with this.

See also here.

Neo-nazis and anti-nazis in Germany

This video is called German National Socialist Underground & Intelligence Services.

By Victor Grossman in Germany:

How Germany treats anti-fascists as the enemy

Friday 01 February 2013

Significant anniversaries are coming thick and fast at the moment, from 80 years since Hitler became German chancellor last Wednesday to 70 years since his army’s defeat at Stalingrad tomorrow.

Another important date comes in a couple of weeks. February 14 is the anniversary of the bombing of Dresden, which has become a focus for neonazi marches in the city.

Two years ago I joined organisations which had come together to stop the annual nazi marches, with their “hate foreigners” and “Germany for the Germans” messages.

Most city leaders, shamed at last into some sort of reaction, held hands in a mile-long anti-nazi protest – but far away from the nazis’ planned route across the Elbe river which divides Dresden.

After all, the courts had ruled it a legal march, entitled to police protection.

Many took a different view and an estimated 18,000 anti-fascists came to Dresden. Despite containment by hostile police they blocked the nazis, who crept home after an aborted “march” of about 100 yards from the railway station.

All was peaceful until the evening, after most of us had left. There was a brief melee between the police and a small group of militants of the “black bloc” kind.

But the police also broke violently into the nearly empty headquarters of the anti-fascists – and the Left Party – in a move later found to be illegal. The secret tapping into virtually all mobile telephones that day was an equally dubious move, probably illegal.

Dresden’s “city fathers” – also its “mother” mayor – now want no more such blockades, not even fully peaceful ones.

Therefore, after an almost incredible two-year delay, a court has sentenced a 36-year-old family father from Berlin, never before arrested, for allegedly using a megaphone to urge the anti-fascist crowd to move forward.

He was engaged in no violence. It’s not even clear whether he really was the man with the megaphone.

All the same he was sentenced to 22 months in prison, without probation, for “breach of the peace” – longer than most neonazis get for actual violence in the rare cases when they are tried.

The judge displayed his bias with the words: “The people of Dresden are sick of getting visited by demonstrators.”

Another participant who took part in the anti-nazi action two years ago, a Protestant pastor, will be put on trial in March for allegedly “inciting violence.” The intent of these and similar cases is all too clear. Let nazis march. And don’t let anyone stand, or sit, in their way. The left is the enemy.

To make this clearer on the national level Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has now announced that the Constitutional Protection Agency, Germany’s answer to the US FBI, will continue to secretly observe members of the Left Party.

But not all the members.

It will now keep its suspicious eye on those with “extremist connections,” which means members of perfectly legitimate groups within the party which he considers a danger to the “free democratic basic order” of the country.

That includes groups such as the Communist Platform, with about 1,250 members, and smaller groups like the Marxist Forum, the Anti-Capitalist Left, the Socialist Left and Cuba Si, all of them fully official caucuses within the party.

As one Left Party Bundestag deputy stated, this is a tactically motivated, unacceptable step.

“Instead of exercising humility in light of his party’s scandalous failure in connection with 10 fascist murders, the bombing and bank raids by the nazi National Socialist Union and the insufferable failure of the Constitutional Protectors in preventing them or finding the killers, he is stubbornly sticking to the same old cold war agenda.”

The aim of the right-wing minister is clearly to split and thus destroy the Left Party. The left-wing groups he threatened are the elements in the party most opposed to electoral agreements with the Social Democrats and Greens, which they view as unprincipled as well as harmful.

Others, despite continued put-downs and insults from the Greens and SPD, still dream of a three-party coalition. This line, promoted by some during the recent election in Lower Saxony, proved disastrous.

With a diluted Left programme too many voters thought “we might as well vote for a winner like the SPD or stay at home.” The Left lost all its seats.

Cameron, Hitler and fox hunting

This is a video from the USA about red fox kits.

By Roger Bagley in England, on the British Conservative Prime Minister:

Cameron red-faced after clumsy Hitler reference

Wednesday 09 January 2013

History dunce David Cameron landed himself in another fine mess today by using an Adolf Hitler-style “red pests” quote to attack Labour MPs.

Challenged at Commons question time about his old passion for fox hunting, the clueless Prime Minister retorted: “The only red pests I pursue these days are in this house.”

Mr Cameron seemed blissfully unaware of the infamous outburst by Hitler on the night of the Reichstag fire on February 27 1933, falsely blamed on communists by the nazi propaganda machine.

The nazi leader barked: “This fire is a God-given signal. It is the work of the reds. We must crush these murderous pests with an iron fist.”

Mr Cameron’s gaff followed an accusation from Labour MP John Spellar that he was out of touch on fox-hunting, with the overwhelming majority of people supporting the ban.

Letters to Hitler published

This video is called Anniversary of Auschwitz liberation.

By Alan Lloyd in Britain:

Letters to Hitler

Edited by Henrik Eberle (Polity Press, £20)

Tuesday 28 August 2012

The KGB special archives in Moscow have recently thrown up another historic gem, in the shape of a large cache of letters sent to Hitler between 1925-45.

Removed by the Red Army from Berlin at the end of WWII, and now published for the first time in English, they allow us to see the appeal that Hitler held for Germans across the social spectrum.

To a certain extent the contents mirror the postbag of any politician insofar as there are requests for assistance over personal issues such as complaints about neighbours and requests for employment.

The cult of personality encouraged by the nazis also meant requests for photographs.

The widow of the car magnate Carl Benz thanked Hitler for one such picture, “in the evening of my life, with the satisfaction of knowing that Germany’s welfare is in safe hands.”

But what makes the letters particularly interesting is that though Hitler saw virtually none of them himself, the annotations from his staff give a clear insight into the mindset of the nazis.

These usually directed an acknowledgment, a few words of encouragement, or referral to an official for assistance but could also be a referral to the Gestapo.

With his nazi party gaining 37 per cent of the vote in July 1932 and signing the Enabling Act in 1933, allowing Hitler to assume the position of dictator, the letters of unconditional support and encouragement peaked.

Once the mass arrests and killings began, the sense of unease among a number of writers was palpable.

Included in the letters of protest is one from six young people in Blackpool urging the release of communist leaders Edgar Andre and Ernst Thalmann, both of whom were later murdered on Hitler’s orders.

The number of letters gradually tailed off until only the most fanatical continued to urge their support, pledging their lives for the fascist cause.

The book relates the fate of a number of the writers and many of them did indeed lay down their lives for Hitler.

Eberle’s work is an interesting but chilling case study on how a seemingly educated and mature society can be manipulated to the point of blind fanaticism, at such a ghastly cost.

Rock band depicts Wilders, Breivik, Hitler

In the late 1970s, in Paradiso concert hall in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, there was the first Dutch Rock Against Racism concert.

Among the bands playing were English punk rockers Crass, Dutch punk rockers Ivy Green, and Dutch “normal” rockers Normaal (Normaal sing in eastern Dutch Achterhoek region dialect. Crass said they did not really like Normaal’s “mainstream” music style, but these are other issues).

Recently, Normaal became somewhat similar to Madonna. Not in musical style, but in poking pictorial fun at extreme right politicians. Madonna in her show depicted French neo-fascist xenophobic National Front leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead.

Hitler, Wilders and Breivik, as depicted by Normaal

Today, Dutch NOS TV reported about Normaal and xenophobic politicians (my translation):

PVV leader Geert Wilders is angry about a painting which rock band Normaal wants to use during a tour. He is, together with Adolf Hitler and Anders Breivik, on a canvas by singer Bennie Jolink. In the background graves and a swastika can be seen.

The painting is a backdrop for a tour about a new album by Normaal. For each song, Jolink together with a woman artist

That artist is Petra Verboeket.

has made a painting. In one of the songs Wilders is criticized.

Britain: Love Music Hate Racism celebrates its tenth anniversary: here.

Merkel’s Hitler moustache on Dutch TV

Angela Merkel with moustache on Dutch TV

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

NOS stage design gives Merkel a mustache

Sunday, July 8, 2012, 19:37

In the NOS news show of 18.00 [German] Chancellor Angela Merkel ‘accidentally’ because of the stage design had a small mustache.

An “unfortunate coincidence”, says editor Marcel Gelauff about Merkel’s mustache, strongly reminiscent of Hitler‘s one. In a tweet Gelauff apologized.

“One of the parts of the stage accidentally ended up in front of Merkel’s face. That was all.”