Grey wagtail video

This is a video of a grey wagtail near Groesbeek village in the Netherlands.

Gerrie van der Meulen made the video.

Wild pheasant in garden, video

This video shows a wild male pheasant in a garden in Brummen village in the Netherlands.

11-year-old boy Daan Willemse made the video.

New Dutch beetle species discovery

This video from the USA is called A Red Palm Weevil in Virginia Beach.

On 28 July 2014, Dries Mulder found a beetle in Haaften in the Netherlands.

It turned out to be a red palm weevil. That species had never been seen in the Netherlands before.

Blue tits, great tits bathing

This video is about blue tits and great tits bathing in the Rengelink family garden in Winterswijk, the Netherlands.

Roe deer lives saved by mirrors

This video is about a roe deer in Yorkshire in England.

Translated from daily Tubantia in the Netherlands:

Wildlife mirrors save lives of roe deer

July 21, 09:24

WINTERSWIJK – Putting more wildlife mirrors along the roads in the Achterhoek region has ensured that far fewer roe deer are killed by traffic.

35 deer

Last year “only” 35 deer died. “That’s about 20 percent lower than in other years,” said Jurgen Hejink, secretary of the Wildlife Management Unit (WBE) Winterswijk and surroundings.

Blue reflectors

Blue reflectors are placed by the game management units along several roads in the Achterhoek. Roe deer are scared of light rays of cars that are reflected by the blue reflectors. That keeps them from running on the roads.

Common frog video

This is a video about a common frog near Gelderse Poort nature reserve in the Netherlands.

John Rothuis made the video.

Young pine martens, video

This video is about a pine marten family, in ‘t Waliën nature reserve in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

Good Dutch little owl news

This is a video about little owls.

The Dutch ornithologists of SOVON report that this year seems to be a good year so far for rodents in some regions of the Netherlands.

That means also a good year for birds eating rodents.

Researchers at nest boxes for little owls in the Achterhoek region of the eastern Netherlands find many more rodents at the nests than in earlier years. So far, 2007 was the year with the highest figure: 197 rodents.

This year, the counting is not finished yet, but already 486 rodents were found. 253 of these were wood mice. 145 were common voles. Bank voles: 73. House mice: 8. Water voles: 6. And one young brown rat.

Barn owls can catch enough food as well this year.

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Freeing otters in Dutch nature reserve

This video is about freeing two otters in Gelderse Poort nature reserve in the Netherlands, on 8 May 2014.

UPDATE: the makers have removed from YouTube the video which was embedded here at first; so, I replaced it with aother video about Gelderse Poort otters.

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More otters in Dutch nature reserve

These three videos are about otters in the Gelderse Poort nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Translated from the Dutch Ark conservationists:

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

In nature reserve the Gelderse Poort four otters will be added to strengthen the genetic basis of the national otter population. The first two animals were set free there tonight. The otters come from various German zoos and are not genetically related to the otters in the Netherlands. In recent years, the habitat for otters has improved because water has become cleaner and measures have been taken for the safety of otters on roads near bridges and other obstacles. ARK Nature and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have initiated this addition.

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