Mushroom, new for the Netherlands, discovered

Lepista martiorum

Translated from the Dutch Mycological Society:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Along a bike path through the woods near Wageningen last week a Tricholomataceae fungus species new for the Netherlands was discovered: Lepista martiorum. The discovery of this mushroom was based on pure chance. The Lepista martiorum fungi were found during a stop for other mushrooms under some brambles.

Magpies fighting, video

This video is about two magpies fighting in a garden in Kerkdriel in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

Gert-Jan de Rouw made the video.

Red deer mating season, video

This video is about red deer mating season in the Hoge Veluwe nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Jorrit Iepema made this video.

Good Dutch little owl nesting season

This is a little owl video.

The little owl research group for the Winterswijk region in the Netherlands reports about the 2014 nesting season (translated):

The owls responded promptly [to good circumstances this year] with a high occupancy, an extremely early clutch start, large clutches, many owlets in excellent condition, high nest success and above all, by bringing in big mice and voles numbers. A clutch size of 4.22, an average clutch start of April 7, an egg success of 64%, an average of 2.73 owlets per nest started, a nest success of 80%, a condition index of 1.06, and the incredible number of 590 mice and voles in the prey stock: all parameters were well above the long-term average.

Grey wagtail video

This is a video of a grey wagtail near Groesbeek village in the Netherlands.

Gerrie van der Meulen made the video.

The latest Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) annual report, published by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), shows that all three UK breeding wagtail species are in long-term decline: here.

Wild pheasant in garden, video

This video shows a wild male pheasant in a garden in Brummen village in the Netherlands.

11-year-old boy Daan Willemse made the video.