Austrian racism scandal in Haider’s old party

This music video from Britain says about itself:

April 28, 2012

This is the brand new 7″ record by ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER´S BARNSTORMER.

The A-side gives us the studio version of the live classic “Haider Die!“. A great cover of Simon & Garfunkel´s classic “The Boxer”. The lyrics are about Austrian right-wing politician Joerg Haider who died in an accident. …remember´: “Nazis Shouldn´t Drive” (M.D.C.)

The extreme right FPÖ party used to be the party of Jörg Haider in Austria. Now that Haider is dead after his drunk driving, they have other leaders.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

Andreas Mölzer this Tuesday has retired as the leader of the far-right Austrian FPÖ party in the European elections on 25 May. Mölzer recently said that the policies of Nazi Germany were liberal, compared to the overregulation of the European Union.

He also thought that the European Union threatens to become “a collection of Negroes“, lacking the work ethic of Germans and Austrians.


The FPÖ is one of the parties that the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders wants to cooperate with in the European Parliament. Mölzer was one of the two leading candidates of the party.

Raven black

In an article in a magazine Mölzer (61) complained that many Austrians look like the “raven black” footballer David Alaba of the national team. “You have to go to a nursing home to still meet ‘real Austrians’.”

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Dutch anti-Wilders-Le Pen poster

Dutch poster about Le Pen and Wilders

This is a poster from the Netherlands about the cooperation in the present European election campaign between Dutch xenophobic politician Geert Wilders and his extreme Right French colleague Marine Le Pen.

On the left in the poster, Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder, honourary president, father of his daughter Marine whom he appointed as successor, European parliament member and 2014 European election candidate of the National Front party is quoted: “The holocaust is a detail in history“.

In the center of the poster, daughter-successor Marine Le Pen agrees (she is on record saying that the only difference between her and her father is that she has more hair).

On the right of the poster, Geert Wilders says: “There is nothing wrong with the National Front“.

The caption at the bottom of the poster says: “Today, Wilders is in bed with all kinds of extreme Right parties which are full of racists, holocaust deniers and LGBTQ haters“.

Finally, the poster refers to the site, about who Wilders’ ‘Best Friends Forever‘ are.

The French fascists are buoyant.  Brimming with energy after recent electoral success, the leader of the Front national (FN) Marine Le Pen has come up with a new way of punishing the Mohammedan interlopers.  Their children should be made to eat pork or starve.  And in towns that the FN have taken control of, this will be policy: here.

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‘Dutch government helps racism’

This video is called Mr. Peroxide, Geert Wilders: The “Hero” of Western Civilization.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

Ombudsman: politics are racist

Sunday 20 Oct 2013, 20:06 (Update: 20-10-13, 21:01)

The political climate in the Netherlands is racist. This said the National Ombudsman Alex Brenninkmeijer in the TV program Buitenhof.

He responded to a report of the Council of Europe which states that the Netherlands does little against racism in society. Brenninkmeijer agrees. According to him, the cause is politics.

“I’m not talking about one party, but about the mood in The Hague. It is anti-foreigner.” As an example of racism the Ombudsman named the hotline of the PVV [Geert Wilders' party] against East and Central Europeans. Brenninkmeijer rejected the attitude of Prime Minister Rutte, who said that the hotline was not his responsibility, as well.

Geert Wilders’ xenophobic party were then semi-official coalition partners of Mark Rutte’s government.

The government must take responsibility and start an anti-discrimination campaign to turn the tide, Brenninkmeijer said.

Wilders’ supporters’ nazi salutes

Wilders' supporters' nazi salutes

This photo, from a Dutch anti-racist blog, is from 21 September in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Dutch xenophobic party PVV had a meeting there then. Its leader, Geert Wilders, spoke. Some of the audience, as the photo shows, made nazi salutes.

Among Wilders’ audience were notorious nazis. People like Jeroen van den Berg, of the violent neo-nazi gang Blood and Honour. In 2011, police discovered illegal firearms at that group’s premises.

And like Paul Peters. Peters was convicted for vandalizing a Jewish cemetery, smashing part of the tombstones, and daubing nazi slogans like “Juden raus” [Jews out] and “Wir sind zurück” [We are back] on other graves.

Prince's flags at PVV meeting

As this photo shows, there were also so-called prince’s flags at Wilders’ meeting. In eighteenth century Dutch history, that was the flag of the political party which wanted to make the then Dutch republic more like a monarchy, under the dynasty of the princes of Orange. Their opponents, the “patriot” party, wanted a republic without any role for that dynasty; and red, white and blue flags, not orange, white and blue.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the prince’s flag was revived by the Dutch nazi party, the NSB. Today, various extreme right groups use it. In 2011, PVV members of parliament hung prince’s flags at their office windows. They removed the flags after media publicized them.

The prince’s flag was also the model for the South African flag during apartheid rule; from 1928 till 1994, when the current South African flag replaced it.

When Geert Wilders started his political career, he was a member of the VVD party (“center Right”; now the biggest party in the Dutch coalition government). Early in this century, Pim Fortuijn (writing his name as the more aristocratic sounding “Fortuyn”) represented political Islamophobia in the Netherlands. VVD MP Wilders and Fortuijn then had a debate on TV. In the debate, Wilders denied Fortuijn’s allegations about Islam being a problem.

After Fortuijn’s death, Wilders thought there were career opportunities as a leader in the Islamophobic political niche market. He founded his own PVV party. With himself as its only member, making it impossible for supporters to ever depose him as party leader.

When the PVV started, Wilders dissociated himself from extreme Right parties like Vlaams Belang in Belgium and National Front in France (as Pim Fortuijn had done before). His members of the European Parliament did not, at least not officially, join up with any parties from other countries. Recently, however, Wilders built fraternal links of his party with Vlaams Belang and with National Front leader Le Pen. So, he definitely is on a slippery slope, further and further towards the extreme Right.

Row after four MPs wear badges in Dutch parliament featuring neo-Nazi insignia: here.

USA: Filmmakers Release Trailer of Documentary About Neo-Nazi’s Plan for Racist Enclave in North Dakota: here.

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Dutch politician Wilders’ anti-Romanian xenophobia

Wilders, No entry for Romanians

Today, Dutch xenophobic politician Geert Wilders demonstrated in front of the Romanian embassy in The Hague. With him, he had a sign, saying “No entry” in Dutch and Romanian.

The racism of Adolf Hitler‘s nazis was at first mainly “only” against Jews. At first, some nazis thought Roma maybe were “Aryan”, so, should not be persecuted like Jews. However, later nazi mass killings of Roma, similar to those of Jews, started.

Soon, Slavic speaking people like Poles, Russians too landed on the nazis’ list of “subhumans”. Like with Jews and Roma, millions of them were murdered.

At first, Geert Wilders claimed to be not racist, “only” against Islam. He wanted a ban on immigration by Muslims … err, not by Muslims, but “by people from [mainly] Muslim countries”, so including, eg, Christian or atheist refugees from the fanatical version of Islam of the government of Saudi Arabia.

Soon, Wilders’ smokescreen of “I am only criticizing a religion” collapsed. Wilders attacked people from Suriname. Wilders attacked Poles. Now, he attacks Romanians and Bulgarians, claiming without any evidence that “most pickpockets are Romanian”.

At first Wilders claimed her had nothing to do with neo-fascist parties like Vlaams Belang in Belgium and Front National in France. By now, however, he considers these racists to be sister parties.

Dutch xenophobe Wilders invites French fascist Le Pen

This video says about itself:

Jean-Marie Le Pen, MEP and leader of France’s far-right Front National, outraged assembled members of the European Parliament by repeating his assertion that the Nazi gas chambers were “a mere detail” in the history of the Second World War.

Now, Jean-Marie Le Pen has transferred the leadership of his neo-fascist Front National party, to his daughter Marine, whom he had groomed for that.

When Marine Le Pen was asked what was the difference between her and her father, she replied that the only difference was that she had more hair.

This video from France is called Marine le Pen amoureuse du producteur de chants Nazis (extraits musicaux). It is about the production and sales by the Le Pen dynasty/Front National neo-fascist party of albums of Adolf Hitler’s nazi party songs.

And today, NOS TV in the Netherlands reports that Geert Wilders, leader of the xenophobic PVV, has invited Marine Le Pen to come to the Netherlands.

Wilders calls Ms Le Pen “an impressive woman”. Evidently seeing the French fascists as a sister party to his PVV.

So far, Wilders pretended that his xenophobic attacks on immigrants from Muslim countries were not racist, but just ideological criticism of Islam.

With this political marriage to Marine Le Pen, Wilders drops that mask.

Marine Le Pen and Wilders

On Sunday, neo-fascist National Front (FN) candidate Laurent Lopez won in the cantonal local district election in Brignoles, 90 kilometres east of Marseille, dealing a humiliating blow to the ruling Socialist Party (PS) of President François Hollande: here.

Wilders supporters threaten rock singer’s life

This video is a Dutch regional TV interview with singer Bennie Jolink about his Hitler-Wilders-Breivik painting.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Monday, September 3, 2012, 13:07

Singer Bennie Jolink has been threatened because of his painting in which he shows Geert Wilders with Adolf Hitler and Anders Breivik.

In an interview with Nieuwe Revu weekly the singer of the band Normaal says that at his office threats have been received. Messages hoped that he would die or get serious illnesses. In the interview Jolink says that he does not need security guards: “I protect myself by laughing out loudly about it.”

Jolink also received messages of support for the painting.

That the supporters of Wilders’ xenophobic party now threaten this rock singer’s life, saying they would “come to get him”, shows that Bennie Jolink was not that wrong in depicting Wilders together with Breivik.

The decline in popularity of Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedon (PVV) in the Netherlands can be traced back to two months ago when a 63 year old Turkish man was attacked, and later died from his injuries. The couple who inflicted the injuries were named Henk and Ingrid, which are the names of the typical Dutch couple that Wilders had championed in public speeches: here.

Rock band depicts Wilders, Breivik, Hitler

In the late 1970s, in Paradiso concert hall in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, there was the first Dutch Rock Against Racism concert.

Among the bands playing were English punk rockers Crass, Dutch punk rockers Ivy Green, and Dutch “normal” rockers Normaal (Normaal sing in eastern Dutch Achterhoek region dialect. Crass said they did not really like Normaal’s “mainstream” music style, but these are other issues).

Recently, Normaal became somewhat similar to Madonna. Not in musical style, but in poking pictorial fun at extreme right politicians. Madonna in her show depicted French neo-fascist xenophobic National Front leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead.

Hitler, Wilders and Breivik, as depicted by Normaal

Today, Dutch NOS TV reported about Normaal and xenophobic politicians (my translation):

PVV leader Geert Wilders is angry about a painting which rock band Normaal wants to use during a tour. He is, together with Adolf Hitler and Anders Breivik, on a canvas by singer Bennie Jolink. In the background graves and a swastika can be seen.

The painting is a backdrop for a tour about a new album by Normaal. For each song, Jolink together with a woman artist

That artist is Petra Verboeket.

has made a painting. In one of the songs Wilders is criticized.

Britain: Love Music Hate Racism celebrates its tenth anniversary: here.