Great egret feeding, video

This video is about a great egret feeding in Lepelaarplassen nature reserve in the Netherlands; where, this spring, a new nesting colony of this species started.

Otte Zijlstra made the video.

New great egret nesting colony in the Netherlands

This video is about a little crake, a rare bird in the Netherlands, in Lepelaarplassen in 2011.

Translated from BirdLife in the Netherlands:

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

For the first time, great egrets nest in Lepelaarplassen nature reserve. Three couples have nests in the Plan Bittern, an area that is reconstructed by Flevolandschap as part of the BirdLife protection plan for marsh birds. Great egrets nest only in a few places in the Netherlands. ….

“It’s wonderful that great egrets expand their breeding grounds in Flevoland province from Oostvaardersplassen national park to Lepelaarplassen.” …

The reed lands were too dry for many wetland birds. By the dredging of shallow ditches and by making deeper puddles in the reeds in the western part of the Lepelaarplassen the area became wetter. The project had immediate success: the first year after completion a bittern couple, the namesake of the plan, nested there.

Dutch wildlife film best film, moviegoers say

This video says about itself:

The new wilderness

5 March 2014

The Netherlands:

In one of the world’s most densely populated countries a nature reserve has been developed: The Oostvaardersplassen. Here the nature determines the rhythm. The film teams followed for two years a number of foxes, geese, kingfishers, deer and the largest herd of wild horses in Europe.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

The wildlife film The New Wilderness has been proclaimed by the Dutch public to be the best Dutch film of last year. The film about the Oostvaardersplassen [nature reserve] received the most votes in the Rembrandt Awards. …

There were at the ceremony in Amsterdam also prizes for foreign films. The Dutch public thought The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was the best film and leading actor Jennifer Lawrence from the same film was the best actress.

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Spawning carp video

This video shows carp spawning in Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Herman Bruggink made the video.

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New born foal, video

On 26 April 2014, this konik horse foal was born in Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Inge Jansen made the video.

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New fungi discoveries in the Netherlands

This video says about itself:

A short description of Gyromitra esculenta, another false morel. This mushroom is still being eaten by some people who think it’s safe. It’s not!

The Dutch Mycological Society reports about research in the Horsterwold nature reserve in Flevoland province this spring.

Then, they found the rare mushroom species Gyromitra esculenta. It was the first time ever for Flevoland.

They also found Caloscypha fulgens; a fungus species, which, before this, had been known only from three spots in the Netherlands. Also a first for the province.

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Beaver feeding, video

This video is about a beaver feeding near Almere in the Netherlands.

P. Wegener made this video.

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Dutch national park Oostvaardersplassen extended

This video is about a sea eagle nest and other wildlife in Oostvaardersplassen national park.

Soon this month, the wildlife of Oostvaardersplassen national park in the Netherlands will get extra space.

The high fences separating Oostvaardersplassen from the Kotterbos woodland will be removed. First, they will be replaced with low fences, enabling red deer to use the wildlife passage to the other side of the railway. Later, all fences will be removed, enabling konik horses and Heck cattle to go to the Kotterbos as well.

In that forest, they will have more protection if winter will get cold.

The Kotterbos was planned as part of a big wildlife corridor, enabling animals to move all the way from the Oostvaardersplassen to the Veluwe region. However, anti-conservation Dutch government policies stopped that plan. Wardens hope that plans for the big wildlife corridor will revive.

The Oostvaardersplassen is the subject of the succesful new Dutch wildlife film De Nieuwe Wildernis.

Less animals die in Oostvaardersplasen in mild 2013-2014 winter: here.

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Rare two-barred warbler in the Netherlands

This video says about itself:

Two-barred Greenish Warbler (Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus)

25 May 2011

Freshly arrived migrant, Two-barred Greenish Warbler, feeding in coastal trees at Lighthouse Point, Beidaihe, NE China.

Dutch Bird Alerts reports that on 23 November, a two-barred [greenish] warbler was ringed in Flevoland province in the Netherlands. It was a young female in winter plumage. See also here.

This species nests in Siberia and northern China and is very rare in western Europe.

Dutch wildlife film, over 600,000 visitors

This video is about barnacle geese and a red fox in Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve in the Netherlands, from the film De Nieuwe Wildernis.

Dutch NOS TV reports that so far, wildlife film De Nieuwe Wildernis has brought 600,000 visitors to cinemas. This hardline ever happens with a wildlife film.

De Nieuwe Wildernis is the second Dutch movie attracting more than 600,000 visitors this year. Earlier, this happened to the romantic comedy Verliefd Op Ibiza.