NATO generals elected as Greek nazi MEPs

This video, recorded in Greece, says about itself:

Golden Dawn Leader Says in His Own Words Hitler Was A Great Historical Figure. Denies Holocaust.

Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos says that there were no gas chambers [and] there were not any ovens in Auschwitz death camp.

Four decades ago, Italian NATO admiral Birindelli was a candidate for the neo-fascist party MSI.

Today, Helena Smith reports from Greece for the British daily The Guardian that two out of the three Greek nazi party Golden Dawn party’s newly elected MEPs are retired generals:

Georgios Epitideios, who served as a senior staff member of Nato’s Central Command – and as director of the department of crisis response and current operations of the European Union Military Staff – has promised to bring ‘dynamic and decisive support’ to representing Greece’s national interests in Brussels.

General Eleftherios Synadinos, who once commanded the Greek army’s special forces, is the other ex-top brass bigwig newly elected as a nazi MEP. Among other feats, he participated in the NATO occupation in Kosovo.

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European elections, Dutch results

This video from 2012, is called “Real Despair” Sweeps Through Greece as Severe EU-IMF Austerity Measures Cripple Nation.

On 25 May 2014, after 11pm local time, Dutch NOS TV brought the results of the 2014 European Parliament elections … not an exit poll … real results

Less than 40% of the electorate went to the polling stations: 37,3%.

The results were:

PVV (xenophobic party of Geert Wilders): 13,2%. Last time, in 2009, they had 17,0. This means from 5 MEPs to 4 MEPs.

Here are the results for other parties.

D66 (“liberal”, pro-European Union): 15,4%. From 3 to 4 seats.

VVD (pro-big business party of Prime Minister Rutte, biggest party in two-party governing coalition): 11,9%. Still 3 MEPs.

CDA (Christian Democrats, sister party of Merkel in Germany): 15,0%. Still 5 seats. Though they had less votes dan D66. However, they had linked their list to Christian Union-SGP. Linking lists helps in the Dutch electoral system.

Socialist Party: 9,6%. Still 2 MPs.

PvdA (social democrats, junior partners in coalition government with the VVD): 9,4%. Still 3 MPs. Less votes than the Socialist Party. But they had linked their list with GroenLinks.

IQ-partij (one-man party, just one candidate): 0,0%

GroenLinks: 7,0%. Was 3 MEPs; now 2.

Christian Union-SGP (coalition of two Calvinist Protestant parties): 7,6%. Still 2 MEPs.

50+ (pensioners’ party): 3,8%. Not enough for one MEP.

Party for the Animals: 4,2%.

Four percent is enough for one seat; which they have now, vs. zero in 2009.

Artikel 50 (its MEP founder Daniël van der Stoep split from Wilders’ PVV party after police caught Van der Stoep driving while drunk): 1,0%

Pirate party (‘one issue’ party about the Internet): 1,0%

Greens: 0,0%

Anti-EU(ro) party: 0,0%

Liberal Democrat party (split from the VVD which they thought was becoming too conservative): 0,0%

Jesus Lives (Christian fundamentalists): 0,0% (for more European Union influence): 0,0%

Aandacht en Eenvoud: 0,0%

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Welsh European election candidates refuse to debate with fascists

This video says about itself:

10 October 2013

NEO-NAZI TAKEOVER: Far-Right Hungarian Party Support Surges Across EUROPE

Neo-Nazi sentiments have been gaining strength across the EU. The European Commission is expressing “great concern” over the rise of anti-Semitic incidents across the block. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky reports from Hungary where the far-right neo-Nazi party is currently enjoying a huge surge of support.

By Luke James in Britain:

Monday 12th May 2014

TWO Welsh European election candidates confirmed yesterday they will refuse to take part in a debate with fascist party leaders.

NO2EU – Yes to Workers’ Rights lead candidate Rob Griffiths and Welsh Green Party leader Pippa Bartolotti pulled out of a BBC Radio Wales debate in order to avoid sharing a platform with BNP and Britain First representatives.

Mr Griffiths and Ms Bartolotti will instead join a Unite Against Fascism demonstration outside the studios on Wednesday.

“I will not take part in any event which normalises fascism and treats its ideas as a legitimate part of the political spectrum”, said Mr Griffiths.

He added that it is a “tragedy” that British government and EU politics are creating “new breeding grounds for fascism” from France to the Ukraine 69 years after they were defeated in World War II.

Mr Griffiths’s stand comes after Britain’s First offensive party election broadcast (PEB) was aired on BBC Wales and ITV on Friday evening.

It included the slogan “Remember Lee Rigby” that the Electoral Commission has allowed to stand and will appear on ballot papers on May 22 and repeatedly stated “Enoch Powell was right.”

Almost 100 members of the public have already contacted the BBC to complain about the fascist propaganda since it was aired.

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