Polish extreme right joining Le Pen, Wilders

This video from Poland says about itself:

5 October 2013

Hundreds of demonstrators marched for gay, lesbian and transgender rights in the annual Equality Parade in the Polish city of Wroclaw on Saturday, despite threats from the right-wing Polish National Rebirth group who threatened to disrupt the demonstration by throwing eggs at marchers.

According to Dutch daily De Volkskrant today, extreme right politicians Marine le Pen of the French National Front and Geert Wilders of the Dutch PVV party, today came a step closer to forming an officially recognized parliamentary group in the European parliament.

To form such an official caucus, members of the European parliament from seven countries are needed.

Le Pen and Wilders already had the support of Vlaams Belang in Belgium; FPÖ in Austria; and Lega Nord in Italy.

Today, they are said to have reached an agreement with Kongres Nowej Prawicy (Congress of the New Right) from Poland.

Maybe, there would also come an agreement with Tvarka ir Teisingumas (Order and Justice) in Lithuania, bringing the total to the seven which they need.

Translated from De Volkskrant about Kongres Nowej Prawicy:

The Polish Party Congress of the New Right is called extreme right in media. Party leader Janusz Korwin-Mikke has advocated the abolition of the right to vote for women. He also expressed itself anti-Semitically. And Adolf Hitler supposedly did not known anything about the genocide by the Nazis on the Jews.

Marine Le Pen fails to form far-right bloc in European parliament. Leader of France’s Front National concedes defeat in bid to secure extra speaking time, staff and funds from EU budget: here.

Marine Le Pen at a recent arms fair. The Front National leader had hoped to create a pan-European extreme Right alliance. Photograph: lCHAM/Sipa/Rex

On Friday, June 6, Jean-Marie Le Pen, honorary president of the neo-fascist National Front (FN), verbally attacked well-known artists in an interview, one of whom is Jewish and who had criticized the FN after the European elections. He threatened them, saying: “We will make an ovenload of you next time”, alluding to the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis in crematorium ovens: here.

British BNP nazi Griffin voted out of European parliament

This video from Britain is called Nick GriffinDenying Holocaust & Admitting his Nazi Views.

While, unfortunately, three Greek nazis including two generals, and other racists will be in the new European parliament, there is some good news as well. …

By Will Stone in Britain:

Racism: Hope not Hate celebrates as fascist BNP leader Nick Griffin kicked out of EU parliament

Tuesday 27th May 2014

Nazi Nick’ pelted with debris as he went to hear news of his EU election defeat

Anti-racists celebrated victory yesterday after the racist British National Party (BNP) was ejected from the European parliament.

Fascist BNP leader Nick Griffin was hung out to dry by voters in north-west England just five years after the BNP won two seats.

Andrew Brons, who was elected for Yorkshire and the Humber in 2009 but quit the party two years later, also lost his seat.

Anti-fascist campaign Hope Not Hate’s Matthew Collins told the Star: “We’re absolutely delighted. First we got the party out of Barking and Dagenham and now we’ve got them out of Europe.

“We must never forget what the BNP’s ideology represents. We were up against something really nasty. It has not been easy but it’s not over for the BNP yet. There is still work to be done. But removing Nick Griffin from Europe is a really important victory.”

As Mr Griffin approached Manchester Town Hall for the count on Sunday night, he was met by angry protesters screaming “nazi scum” and was forced to duck thrown placards.

They surrounded his car while dozens of police officers struggled to separate them from Mr Griffin and a handful of his supporters.

Officers rugby-tackled some protesters as they broke through police ranks before the BNP leader was rushed to the safety of the town hall where Mr Griffin described the reception as “fairly typical.”

A statement by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) following the result said: “We are nazi free. Nazi Nick is gone.”

It continued: “We should celebrate the destruction of the British National Party’s election strategy. Campaigning by Unite Against Fascism and many others has meant that Nick Griffin has been thrown out of the European parliament.”

The Morning Star has previously revealed that the BNP’s EU election material was missing key information required by law.

Church of England bans clergy from joining BNP or National Front. Any clergy found to be members of the two parties will face disciplinary action after bishops declared them un-Christian: here.

NATO generals elected as Greek nazi MEPs

This video, recorded in Greece, says about itself:

Golden Dawn Leader Says in His Own Words Hitler Was A Great Historical Figure. Denies Holocaust.

Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos says that there were no gas chambers [and] there were not any ovens in Auschwitz death camp.

Four decades ago, Italian NATO admiral Birindelli was a candidate for the neo-fascist party MSI.

Today, Helena Smith reports from Greece for the British daily The Guardian that two out of the three Greek nazi party Golden Dawn party’s newly elected MEPs are retired generals:

Georgios Epitideios, who served as a senior staff member of Nato’s Central Command – and as director of the department of crisis response and current operations of the European Union Military Staff – has promised to bring ‘dynamic and decisive support’ to representing Greece’s national interests in Brussels.

General Eleftherios Synadinos, who once commanded the Greek army’s special forces, is the other ex-top brass bigwig newly elected as a nazi MEP. Among other feats, he participated in the NATO occupation in Kosovo.

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European elections, Dutch results

This video from 2012, is called “Real Despair” Sweeps Through Greece as Severe EU-IMF Austerity Measures Cripple Nation.

On 25 May 2014, after 11pm local time, Dutch NOS TV brought the results of the 2014 European Parliament elections … not an exit poll … real results

Less than 40% of the electorate went to the polling stations: 37,3%.

The results were:

PVV (xenophobic party of Geert Wilders): 13,2%. Last time, in 2009, they had 17,0. This means from 5 MEPs to 4 MEPs.

Here are the results for other parties.

D66 (“liberal”, pro-European Union): 15,4%. From 3 to 4 seats.

VVD (pro-big business party of Prime Minister Rutte, biggest party in two-party governing coalition): 11,9%. Still 3 MEPs.

CDA (Christian Democrats, sister party of Merkel in Germany): 15,0%. Still 5 seats. Though they had less votes dan D66. However, they had linked their list to Christian Union-SGP. Linking lists helps in the Dutch electoral system.

Socialist Party: 9,6%. Still 2 MPs.

PvdA (social democrats, junior partners in coalition government with the VVD): 9,4%. Still 3 MPs. Less votes than the Socialist Party. But they had linked their list with GroenLinks.

IQ-partij (one-man party, just one candidate): 0,0%

GroenLinks: 7,0%. Was 3 MEPs; now 2.

Christian Union-SGP (coalition of two Calvinist Protestant parties): 7,6%. Still 2 MEPs.

50+ (pensioners’ party): 3,8%. Not enough for one MEP.

Party for the Animals: 4,2%.

Four percent is enough for one seat; which they have now, vs. zero in 2009.

Artikel 50 (its MEP founder Daniël van der Stoep split from Wilders’ PVV party after police caught Van der Stoep driving while drunk): 1,0%

Pirate party (‘one issue’ party about the Internet): 1,0%

Greens: 0,0%

Anti-EU(ro) party: 0,0%

Liberal Democrat party (split from the VVD which they thought was becoming too conservative): 0,0%

Jesus Lives (Christian fundamentalists): 0,0%

Ikkiesvooreerlijk.eu (for more European Union influence): 0,0%

Aandacht en Eenvoud: 0,0%

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